Free personalised video message from Santa, PNP Portable North Pole

Free personalised video message from Santa, PNP Portable North Pole

Found 1st Oct 2016
Create your very own free personalised video message from Santa.

I know this comes up every year but i've not seen it this year and what with it only being 84 days to the big day i thought i'd make everyone aware of this great website.

Its great for parents, grand parents of younger kids, just watch their faces light up when Santa says their names and they seen photos of themselves within the video

So what you waiting for, add your email address and then you'll get a reminder when you can create your video...... it only takes 5 minutes

Happy Christmas everyone
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Do this every year,still amazes my daughter every time.
Not available yet
You can also create a birthday greeting, my kids love it!
My daughter is on her fourth year with this. I hope they've shot some new scenarios this year or it is going to give itself away.
The way it is done, though, is brilliant. Santa's mouth is hidden so there are no issues with lip-synch and the slotting in of names to the soundtrack is seamless; even if your child's name is unusual.
If you go for some of the options that you can pay for the scenarios get even better. (I wonder if anyone has ever been mean enough to put their kid on the naughty list.) My only gripe would be the cost to be allowed to save the file, but any screen capture software should be able to help.
I usually play the video on my computer then record it on my phones camera, comes out spot on
Why not message from Jesus Himself?

Why not message from Jesus Himself?

​He already left one. Read your Bible.
Looking forward to this
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