Free Petback Protect for Cats and Dogs of any age!!

Free Petback Protect for Cats and Dogs of any age!!

Found 8th Jul 2008
For puppies you can be a free member of Petback Protect. It's a National database of dogs so that if yours goes missing they have ways of finding it as the dogs details are made available to vets, rescue centres, dog wardens, police and animal charities. They get a pet tag which includes all the details of your pet. To get this telephone:

0800 0195 110 or click the link --->

This is available for cats and dogs of any age. Pick up a free Missing Pet Bureau ID tag and leaflet from your local vet, pet store, dog warden or police station. Sainsbury's, Direct Line and MoreThan are also distributing them.
Once you have the tag you need to phone 0800 0198 123 or go to to register it. You then receive a year's Petback cover for free.


Good eal. just a shame their upgrade packages are so much. Thanks.

Nice idea, but my cat won't wear a collar & as microchipping is so cheap these days I think that is a better option No annual fee to remain on the microchip register either

Shame dog thieves can just remove the ID tag.. i think micro chipping is still a safer bet.

Ive joined woman phoned is sending me 3 tags for my 2 dogs & cat.Will be more of use for my cat Thanks Becka:thumbsup:
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