Free Pheromones - Special Offer!

Free Pheromones - Special Offer!

Found 7th Mar 2008
We are delighted to offer you a free sample of our newest and most exciting product, Pheromone Wipes For Men.

Based on the world's first pheromone wipe, these individually wrapped pheromone-loaded towlets are an economic and convenient way to buy your pheromones.

How to apply

To receive your FREE Pheromone Wipe:

you must be over 18 years of age

reside at a UK or Irish address


I don't want my pheromones wiped off though :?

will these help me to get with a supermodel?.:oops:


I don't want my pheromones wiped off though :?

I thought this stuff ADDS extra pheromones... you know, just in case yours is lacking in some way...

Gonna have order this... Heat & Rep added - I am also wondering how you managed to find this particular product... hmmm!!

No guarantee that it will help me increase my batting average though - wipe down and step up to the crease!
It's a bit like New Zealand where I live so I hope this doesn't work on sheep as well.

i'm not giving my details to this site it looks proper dodgy. unless you want to be hassled for ***** enlargement maybe!

Come on - look at their page....

Tel: 0871 871 0020 Fax: 0871 871 0070 Email: … Tel: 0871 871 0020 Fax: 0871 871 0070 Email: [email protected] Footer LinePe ni s Enlargement | Sex Toys

You are OFFERING not only your email address - but your home address to a company that sends out the type of emails you normally get without requesting!!!!

Additionally - they are using a third level ".com" email address which cannot be traced using the normal methods and have a PO box as their address.

errmmm think I will pass on this 1

As I understand it, pheromones are a kind of genetic signature that you give off so that you attract the type of mate that is a good genetic match for you, i.e. would result in the healthiest offspring. So if you replace your own pheromones with someone/something else's you will attract the wrong type of mate, maybe even the wrong species!

Anyway, i know a better way of getting free pheromones (or one that will save you money even!)...
Dont buy anti-perpirants/deodorants!
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