Free Photo Book @ Lidl

Free Photo Book @ Lidl

Found 9th Aug 2011
Get a free photobook - new offer - at Lidl

Go to

Use code freephotobook456 to get the free mini photobook.

The book has a with booklet cover and is 26 pages long.

The offer includes free postage
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Good one. Thanks.
great find
like to know where it is i can't find it
thank you OP just ordered a mini photobook
Worked for me, small booklet for free. Thank you op
looks ok thanks OP

like to know where it is i can't find it

its in the link thats in the post - hope you find it ok
cant find the book anywhere
can someone provide a direct link please?
youve got to create an account-install the photo edit software-then order the smallest photo book and apply code at checkout-takes a wee while but worth it as you dont need to enter card details
so voted hot if it arrives if not tantrum time lol :P
Great find...thanks OP
Good job OP
amazing. thanks!
So you need to upload your own photos or is it one where you slot in your photos physically?

So you need to upload your own photos or is it one where you slot in your … So you need to upload your own photos or is it one where you slot in your photos physically?

upload them - they are lovely - had one earlier in the year on a similar offer.
Your order is comprised of:Units: 1 Description: Small Booklet Cover Photobook (26 pages) Unit price: 4.99 Total: 4.99 Units: 1 Description: Postage & packing Unit price: 1.33 Total: 1.33 Units: 1 Description: Value voucher Unit price: -6.32 Total: -6.32 Order Value: 0.00 GBP

happy days thank you
first you need to upload software,
The Photo Book
Selecting the Photo Book Product
Various sizes and types of photo book are available.

Please select the required photo book format on the welcome screen.

Photo Book Page Layouts
Photo Book Object Browser
A photo book is made up of a front and back cover, the first and last double page spreads and the other double pages that make up the main content.

The Cover
The cover is made up of the front and back pages of the photo book.

Faux leather or linen covers are not printed; you can only select the material colour. Printed covers (picture hardcover and picture softcover) are only printed on the outside, as this is the only side you can see later. (The insides are covered by the first and last pages.) Printed covers have a barcode on the back page, this is necessary for production and photo book delivery. You cannot remove or edit the barcode.

The spine of the book contains a text box where you can enter the title of the book; preferably the same title as on the front page.
This text box is not available for photo book lets as they do not have a spine.

Content pages
Content pages are displayed and edited as double page spreads in the workspace as they form a visual unit when opened.

Half of the double page spread for the first and last pages is left empty as it is used as the inside page of the binder.
This restriction also applies for technical reasons to booklets which do not have a glued binder.

A photo book page can contain a background, a layout, images, and text boxes.

Photo Book Window Elements
Selecting Photo Book Objects
The photo book object browser comprises three tabs for the main categories:
"Images", "Layout" and "Design".

These main categories are subdivided into further tabs.

"Design" tab
This takes you to backgrounds, themes and clipart.

"Layout" tab
This takes you to page layouts and image masks.

"Images" tab
This takes you to images stored locally (on your hard disc / your storage media), or on your internet photo community web pages.

Start by selecting a background for your current photo book page by using your mouse to drag the background to the required page. Double clicking the thumbnail for a background applies it to the double page spread. Alternatively, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the object browser. The drop-down menu (right click on the background thumbnail) also gives you the option of applying the current background to all right or left pages, and to all double page spreads in your photo book.

You can use similar functions to apply layouts as for backgrounds.

Use the mouse to drag images to the layout frame in the layout, or to an empty page.

If you drag an image to an empty space (where there is no layout frame), the editor automatically generates a layout frame to match the image.
If you start by deleting all the layout frames adding to the photo book pages by default, you can freely drag your images onto the photo book pages where you can then position them.

Clipart is simply dragged onto the workspace (not into a layout frame).
You can change the position, size and rotation of a clipart.

You can use the mouse to drag a mask onto a layout frame for an image. This makes part of the image transparent and applies a new external shape to the image.

The Storyboard
All of the double page spreads in the photo book, including the cover, are displayed as thumbnails in the storyboard for navigation purposes and to give you a better overview.

The scroll boxes below the storyboard move the thumbnails right and left.
Clicking a thumbnail opens the corresponding page in the workspace.

You can change the page order by clicking the thumbnail for the page in question, holding down the left mouse button, and dragging the thumbnail to the required position in the storyboard.

The Photo Book Editor Object
The object toolbar contains the most important tools or commands, which you can apply to an object selected in the product editor, or which let you insert a new object. Pay attention to the tool tips.

The tools are listed and described in the chapter "Object Toolbar".

All the functions/tools that you can apply to the selected object are additionally accessible via the drop-down menu which appears when you right click the editor or the selected object.

The Photo Book Editor Workspace
This displays the photo book page currently selected in the storyboard for editing.

Just like in a painting program or word processor, you can use the templates in the object browser to create your photo book. In the object browser you can select a background for each photo book page (see the Chapter "Working with Backgrounds"), define a layout, and of course add images and texts.

Images and texts always occupy a square area (layout frame) of the book; you can move or scale this area. You can click any layout frame with the mouse to change it.
You can select multiple areas by dragging a frame round them with the mouse.

(See the chapter "Working with Layouts".)

The Photo Book Editor Product Toolbar
The product toolbar contains the most important tools or commands that you can apply to the photo book. See the Chapter "Product Toolbar".
register and place your order
lol OK this could take a while...

P.S. can I redeem the code now then organise and order the book later?
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Cheers. Ordered.
does anyone know when this offer is on till thinking about getting a few of them for christmas presents x
Looks really good...just making one!

Although im guessing it is going to be tiny...
Thanks! Just ordered photobook now! You dont even have to enter credit card details!
14 x 13 cm
nice! will go well with the pack of 50 prints i got from jessops for free no long ago
nice find
Cool, hope to try it if it's still available when I get home tonight...(and I remember!)
so is the 26 page book only free?

so is the 26 page book only free?

If you want another 8 pages it'll cost you £1.50! basic 26 page is the only option thats free... had a remove a couple of prints

ordered thank you
Oredered. Thanks a lot.
ordered thanks!!
worked like charm, ty for sharing
i can't get the small booklet only letting me get the large at £12.02, where am i going wrong

i can't get the small booklet only letting me get the large at £12.02, … i can't get the small booklet only letting me get the large at £12.02, where am i going wrong:(

See the yellow 'small & square' tab?
thanks a lot .... working fine... Really great bro..
got it eventually thanks
Many thanks, just ordered one, totally free!
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