Free Photo Keyring (Pay P&P)

Free Photo Keyring (Pay P&P)

Found 10th Nov 2006
Credit to Loquax for finding this but thought if it wasn't posted here you guys would appreciate it...

There's a "Try us for Free" link on the side of this which reads:

Free Introduction
New to this website? Not sure if we are any good? No idea about our reputation?

If you have never ordered from us before and if our Customer Feedback pages aren't enough to convince you - how about trying us out for FREE!

To help prove our outstanding passion and commitment, we are giving away FREE personalised keyrings as a way to unlock your creativity and introduce you to the amazing world of personalised gifts...

Here's how...

Choose any picture from our huge gallery or upload one of your own, add any text and design yourself a Personalised Keyring and we will make and deliver it absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to anywhere in the world...

When you place your order, enter the following Promotional Code:


and you will not have to pay a penny!

If you don't fancy a Keyring, then choose any of our other hundreds of products and we will discount your order to the value of one keyring plus delivery - that's over £5.00 OFF ANY ORDER

Please note:
This is an INTRODUCTORY GIFT - it is valid for ONE 'CLEAR KEYRING' ONLY and only for people who have NOT ORDERED from us before.

(However... note I ordered the "Keyring Bottle opener" and it deducted £4.99 from the order leaving £1.10 P&P.. I don't know the P&P costs for the other keyrings.. it does say clear keyring only but worked on the other one.).
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It keeps telling me "The code you are using is currently for first time purchasers only.It appears you have already purchased from us before." I tried 3 different names and my address, my mums address and my old address which i am currently having mail redirected from. They obviously dont want me to have my freebie.

Nice find though voted hot(for other people)
Hi all i just called them up and they took order over the phone from me,free of charge.
Spoke to a very nice guy.:roll:
thanks m8 nice one
hey wicked find. i managed to successfully order mines.

The clear keyring is on the third page of their product list, so you would have to find it and click on it.

And yes i got the same messages about me ordering from them before, which was nonsense. So i deleted what i had in the cart and logged in again and went to my designs and put in the promotional code in again and it worked this time properly.
Got mine today and it is great. Bigger than a normal photo keyring and double sided (I thought the back would have an advert on). I didn't have to pay postage and it says in the title so a great (completely) freebie! Many thanks for the great find!
Still waiting on mine but hey can't complain about a freebie.. Got the bottle opener for nothing after pointing out the offer doesn't say "clear keyring" but just "keyring". Got a very quick reply too.
Some nice products on there too... the humourous quotes, and underwear jokes worth a click through if ya got a few min spare.
Just tried to order another keyring in my mums name and address and this time I had to pay £1.10 postage. Still will make a lovely suprise through the post for her!
[COLOR="Red"]but its not free if you have to pay Postage costs![/COLOR]
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