Free photobook worth £6.99 @ all say cheese
Free photobook worth £6.99 @ all say cheese

Free photobook worth £6.99 @ all say cheese

from mse site
New photobook seller All Say Cheese is giving away 80,000 photobooks for free. You needn't even pay packaging and postage, though there's a maximum one per household.

What is a photo book? In this case it's a small soft-covered printed booklet, which includes your photos; great for gifts or as a keep sake. You can get an 8 page cover A5 or 16 page A6 photo book for free.
How do I get it? Go to the All Say Cheese website and register by entering your email address and name - you needn't give any payment details.

You'll instantly be sent a code to enter at the checkout once you've uploaded your pictures and finished creating your photobook. You'll then need to download the All Say Cheese Photobook Creator software onto your computer. As this is a new site, it may struggle with demand, so if you can't get through straight away, try again later.

Expect to get marketing emails. Once you've registered, you'll start receiving promotional emails, which you can opt out of at admin@allsaycheese.co.uk.

Will it work - is it legit? This is a brand new company, which apparently has financial backing from a plc, but while it 'feels' fine, we have relatively limited info on it and thought it important to let you know, so we can't guarantee 100% this will work - though we think it likely.

Crucially though, you needn't give payment details; just your name and address, so any risk is limited. But do weigh that up against getting the freebie.

The totally free giveaway is becoming a rather standard tactic for new companies to build up a marketing list, in fact, some actually raise financing just to pay for the initial round of freebies.



Done mine. The ordering was ok and the code worked no delivery charge either.
Not to complicated, i managed it so anyone can. Thank you shadow

I got mine just before Christmas. Nice little book for kids Nativity play.


Mine arrived this morning, not bad for something free, thanks

Now expired
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