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free [email protected] £0.00

free photobook .1 per house.How do I get it? Go to the All Say Cheese website and register by entering your email address and name - you needn't give any payment details.You'll instantly be sent a code to enter at the checkout once you've uploaded your pictures and finished creating your photobook. You'll then need to download the All Say Cheese Photobook Creator software onto your computer. As this is a new site, it may struggle with demand, so if you can't get through straight away, try again later.


The app add's their advertising to some of the photos in the photo book.

Edit -- use bring to front
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I have one of these. they are OK. but I would not pay for it, worth about 99p max. and you do get an advertisement on the back page, no matter what you do.


I got one and think it is great. 16 pictures stapled into a little booklet. You get rid of the logos by updating the software and that moved the barcode as well. My first one I got rid of the logo by dragging different pages up from the bottom. I checked and the postage alone costs 42p so considering it is free this is a very hot deal. I have bought several more as there are lots of codes out there giving cheap deals, i used edam :-)

I got 1 on the free offer (saw it on telly on Loraine Kelly) - was very impresed so payed £2 for anotha for my Nan, i think thats a bargain. I didn;t get any advert though? Maybe coz I only just got the software (think it's been updated?)?

Tip ---> use FREECHEESE for 1st book then EDAM for £2 book

i got one and was disappointed that it did have the website address running along the bottom of 3 pages and a barcode at the back. i see that there is a way to remove them but at the time, possibly it was inundated with HUKD users-it was incredibly slow to download/edit. the pictures were a good quality but it was more a flimsy brochure than book but can't complain when only paid p&p

Hey all,

Is anyone else having the following problem:

I have just started using the software and have a little photobook ready to order. I have clicked on "File" and "order", I put in the tick to say I accepts T&C, and when I hit start, I get an error.

Errormessage reads: 'An error occurred while communicating with the server.
No response from the server"


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