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Free photography course by Karl Taylor Photography
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Free photography course by Karl Taylor Photography

Posted 15th Apr 2013

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Having bought the 1st DSLR I was searching around to learn how to use it! Found this and thought it would be useful
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You need to pop the 'who' in the title please Karl taylor photography.

Have fun with your new camera and thanks for the post!
looks good
Might give it a go long as not too much junk mail

check out his youtube channel not sure if any good as blocked on my work pc!

10minutemail to the rescue guys!

Your FREE Online Photography Course is ready!

Click on the button below for your 14 FREE Video & PDF Download photography Lessons.

My photography teaching is easy to follow and jargon free to help you get the most out of your SLR camera - Quickly!

As a subscriber, you will also unlock access to an entire series of fantastic photography tips videos - ALL FREE!

Your first photography bonus video is also available to watch right now!


We really hope you enjoy this information.

All the Best
helpful for me.....
The best free resource for photography is creativelive.com - free to watch three days seminars. Often these courses are geared towards working photographers but they have just started an introductory lightoom course today with a rewatch playing overnight and tomorrow morning.
micro course
Great shout OP, thanks
Looks good, thanks!
thanks all

As a hobbyist photographer who has seen Karl's DVDs, I can say they're well worth a look at, he not only explains the technical stuff in very graspable terms for amateurs, he also shows you exactly how small differences can make or break a photo. The guy is fab.
Cheers op

Don't like his style of presenting. Not knocking his work as he pulls great shots but when he does his youtube stuff its all over the place and hard to watch.

although watching him drop his ND filters into a stream was amusing
Has everyone been able to log into this course ok?
Any help I can get MUST be useful! X)
Not bad I guess, nothing you can't find on youtube really.
A great free ongoing photography/photoshop course and community is PHLEARN: phlearn.com/fre…des
As I recently bought my first dslr I'm finding the content useful, but as Relievo said I think you can find all of Karls free videos on Youtube - just search for "GreatPhotographyTips"
Thanks guys!
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