Free 'Photoshop' style Image manipulation Software @ Aviary
Free 'Photoshop' style Image manipulation Software @ Aviary

Free 'Photoshop' style Image manipulation Software @ Aviary

Here's something cool for my 1000th post!

Free online image manipulation software. Gives you 90% of the functionallity of photoshop (Layers! etc.) for FREE!

Still officially in Beta, but looks quite polished to me!

Split into 4 Different tools, but very nice! I am a long time photoshop user, but this has most things you would need for "day to day" photo manipulation.


I would recommend The GIMP - takes a while to get used to but very powerful.

Gimp gets my vote too.

Shame you can't download it

i like pixlr.com

paint.net works for me

Another recommendation for Paint.NET. Small and optimized. Does as much as any normal user would want.

As a photoshop alternative GIMP also gets my vote.

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I tried posting something very similar a little while back but mods moved it to misc as it was only a link to a website based software rather than a download of a piece of software exactly the same as this piece of software.

here's the link


Another +1 for the GIMP. It's no more difficult to learn than any other advanced image software, but might take a few hours to adjust to if you're a regular photoshop user. There's also gimpshop - a skin for gimp that aims to make it easier for photoshop-users.

Yeah, go GIMP. Still, might be better for those who just can't be bothered

congrats on notching up 1000+ posts (thanks for the freebie too!)
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