Free Pink T-Shirt - Choice of Sizes

Free Pink T-Shirt - Choice of Sizes

Found 6th May 2011…/2/<--- this site explains & is still valid

Order your FREE Big Pink T-shirt by logging into your dotMailer account (follow this link to open a free account…spx account first) it's meant for business but anyone can sign up really if you create a business name.

When you have your account - you can order your tshirt.

I've done this - had almost no spam (the 2 emails i had would have been relevant/interesting if i had a business!) and the tshirt arrived today - it's really really good quality if a little on the large size. And their slogan isn't to big on it / would be easily taken off.

Something similar was posted recently and folk reported It won't work with a yahoo or msn email addresses - fake addresses did work - you don't need to verify by email so it doesn't really matter. Also if you give a valid phone number apparently they do call but it will accept 0141 000 0001 etc numbers.

Before anyone feels like we're cheating - they donate cash to charity for every t-shirt claimed so there's a double reason to go for this one.


got one with 'hard bouncers' for my gf stuff

But it is cheating. Technically it is fraud for pecuniary gain. I expect that is why it is being voted cold. They only give money to charity to increase the chance to sell stuff to businesses, their business is not the act of giving to charity itself. People that falsify info to get the item are never going to buy from them, so they are wasting their money in those cases.

this company will donate to charity and have their (free) t shirt worn at a 'race for life' great publicity for them - more than someone just wearing it around the office of their company.
not to mention the charity that benefit from the donation for every shirt ordered and from people actually doing the race for life
everyone's a winner - seems some folk want to find the negative regardless

you can use the T-shirts for their competition…878
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