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Posted 6 October 2022

Free Pint of Coors Lager Beer With Voucher (Emailed) at Participating Pub (Nationwide) @ Coors

In store: National
Shared by aml456
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Age 18+, free pint of Coors can be claimed from 00:00 01/09/22 to 23:59 14/11/22, UK (excluding Scotland), internet access required. Valid vouchers can be redeemed within participating venues by 23:59 BST on 14/11/22.
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Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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Just sign up and claim by 31 October. Cheers!
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    NOT nationwide - excludes Scotland, despite showing results when I entered my postcode. (edited)
    That may be more to the Scottish government who implemented a minimum price per unit on alcohol than a choice by the promoters.
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    Not expired, extended till 14/11/22.
  3. Avatar
    Email voucher said the 31/10 but just worked for me
  4. Avatar
    Lager beer just reminds me of that Mitchell & Webb Look sketch
  5. Avatar
    Still overpriced 🤪
  6. Avatar
    Me and my pals just had a free afternoon thanks to this and numerous email accounts. Any offers for kebab and chips (edited)
    What's the deal with redeeming it? Is there a location code at the bar?48377364-mhUmp.jpg
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    Here come the real ale'ers
    I'm a real ale'er, but I still enjoy a freezing cold Coors!
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    Had a pint of this in spoons the other week, not much taste to it.
    It never had done. I find it refreshing but definitely better in sunny weather
  9. Avatar
    Excluding Scotland
    I was about to say "We drink real lager up here" but then remembered Tennents
  10. Avatar
    Location shown on my search showed a pub closed down over 2 years ago
    At least your enjoy a quiet pint !
  11. Avatar
    You definitely like the wee hours owleye 😝
  12. Avatar
    Cheers OP
  13. Avatar
    Lovely stuff thanks
  14. Avatar
    Heat from me. Got the email with QR code pretty much instantly. Thanks OP.
  15. Avatar
    Thanks! Gonna rinse my local on Monday at poker night
  16. Avatar
    I can drink a pint of tasteless water at home too, so I'll probably stick to that
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    If you’re using an IPhone (like me) it doesn’t auto download images such as QR codes, at the top of the email I have to click ‘download images’.
    Then Voila, QR code appears!
    How long does it take to get your email I’m still waiting?
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    Fill the form in and nothing happens.
  19. Avatar
    Failed! After entering post code and clicking Search, all I get is 'There was an error'!
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    Wow! Pure fire for this!! Registered. Free beer after work tomorrow - massive virtual hi-five OP
    Then have another and they've made their profit back and more!
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    Thanks op
  22. Avatar
    Ordered - I have a mate with no taste so he can have a glass of something which is similarly lacking. (edited)
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    Thanks Snp
  24. Avatar
    No thanks - Coors are closing down Britain's National Brewery Centre at the end of this month
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    Marginal better lager than Carling.....but it's a close call.
    I prefer to challenge my liver on something worth while. Good deal if you're a lager drinker or someone with lack of taste. (edited)
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    I might get stabbed going into the only place local to me accepting this voucher, might make matters worse asking for a free pint at the bar.
  27. Avatar
    They would need to pay me to drink that stuff!
  28. Avatar
    Mine also says error. Nothing
    Back working now
  29. Avatar
    Heat added as free beer 🍺 👌
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    Cheers OP

  31. Avatar
    Thanks OP
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    The end date on the website says 14/11 but the voucher says 31/10. Does anyone know if the promotion is still valid? (edited)
    Looks like they've extended it, good spot.
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    I read it as free pint glass at first but then thought why'd you have to go to the pub to claim
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    Mine came through without a QR code?
  35. Avatar
    Got an email saying heres your QR code... but there isnt one?
    Same here
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    If this was 12th April 2021, this would have been 5000°c by now
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    Does this have to be redeemed at the exact pub that was clicked on when filling out the form?
    After finding my nearest pub ( 4 in the list ) when offering postcode it would not let me submit the form until i picked one of the pubs.I do wonder if i had not of used my Postcode if they would of just sent a voucher.Possibly.Look at any terms that are on the voucher and see.Im away from my phone just now but it bleeped after i clicked Submit.
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    didnt get voucher
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    I've got the email saying heres you QR code, yet it doesn't show on the email..Just has a FLNS number, am i missing something??
    Same for me. Went to local pub and they tried everything, but code failed - just gave me pint for free.
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    Great beer although probably not the choice for the hipster craft beer enthusiast.
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