Free Pint of Guinness at O'Neills

Free Pint of Guinness at O'Neills

Found 16th Dec 2006
Come and enjoy the craic this Christmas at O'Neills with a FREE pint of GUINNESS® *.

Simply hand them this voucher, and in 119.5 seconds, you'll be enjoying a lovely pint of the black stuff.

* Terms and Conditions

- Only one drink per voucher.
- Vouchers are limited to one per person.
- Offer valid to those aged 18 or over
- Hand this voucher to a member of staff to claim either a complimentary pint of GUINNESS® , Lemonade (14oz) or Pepsi (14 oz).
- This voucher is only valid from 5th December until December 21st 2006 and January 2nd through to January 31st 2007.
- This voucher is only valid in O'Neill's outlets.
- The Voucher is not valid at O'Neill's Drury Lane, Conway St, Heathrow Terminal 3 or Stansted
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Can't stand O'Neill's generally but will abandon my principles for a pint of stout ;-)
Not the kind of thing I want to see after a heavy 12 hour session on my work's Chrimbo meal/night out last night!

However, it was the first time I've been out on a night out with people from work and not ended up in O'Neills! I'm quite upset now I've just realised that! But I have moved offices/departments, so that's probably why!

I'm going out with them next Friday, which is during the period they will not honour it! But never mind! I can always try in January!

Thanks very much! I would leave you rep, but it won't let me! I tell you what, print yourself out a voucher, and have a drink on me!
Barman... a complimentary glass of your finest Lemonade please.
superb, thanks.
Thanks for this joggerspark :santa:
anyone tried yet?
cheers---sorry, can't spell slainte:santa:

sorry, can't spell slainte

That's pretty good ;-) Just needed an accent (fada) on the a:

Sláinte :-)
Just tried 2 pints tonight while my wife finished her shopping.
Absolutely spot on.
Must buy some more paper for the printer and a variety of dark glasses for future visits!:-D
Great deal, really appreciate it, heat and rep added

I love you. Seriously, marry me.
worked perfectly, me and my mate both got a free pint of guiness last night:)

thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, I know where I'm going for lunch refreshments tomorrow
free guinness! its like xmas has come early!
Cheers Merry Xmas
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