Free Pint of Guinness @ O'Neills / Yates
Free Pint of Guinness @ O'Neills / Yates

Free Pint of Guinness @ O'Neills / Yates

Voucher on page 44 of todays metro, which is a totally free paper!

Reedem before 8pm anyday up to the 22nd.

When you consider the thousands of Metro papers around all the stations in London, that's potentially a free guinness pubcrawl everyday for the next week


The only downside is that you have to drink it in an O'Neills or Yates'.

oh what fun!

anyone know if you can dowload this voucher online?

OK, ignore my last comment - i found out you can view Metro online and just print it off!


It's on page 36.

Not sure if it'll still work if you print it off from here, I'll let you know!

only one voucher per person per day

and only original vouchers accepted

This voucher did not appear in the Yorkshire Metro, just an advert for Guinness.

Well, as for the original voucher bit...

I went for a beer at lunch time on Friday, with three work colleagues.

The first guy was too scared to use his voucher. I asked the bar staff if they accepted the vouchers and I presented my printed Metro online voucher. Sure enough they did, and with I got a pint of Guinness Red. The guy with me got a pint of Coke (don't ask). A short while later the fourth member of our merry band turned up and got a pint of regular Guinness. All with vouchers...

The first chap, not wanting to be out done, decided he would try for a free pint also, but when he offered his voucher, he was told no, and that the manager had gone mad that they had accepted these printed vouchers.

So, the moral appears to be, get in there quick before the staff realise what is happening. To be fair, it was Metro's fault for publishing the voucher online. If they can omit it from certain regions newspapers then they should omit it from the online version.
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