Free pint of Nicholson's Pale Ale at Nicholson's pubs

Free pint of Nicholson's Pale Ale at Nicholson's pubs

Found 1st May 2014
Print voucher and bring along to your local Nicholson's pub.


Pub finder (78 in the UK):…ch/

Only valid between 5th-8th May.
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Used this yesterday at Bacchus in Birmingham. Staff were very friendly and happy to take the voucher. Great offer!
I used it yesterday too in Edinburgh. One of the staff said - it's Scotland and we can't give a beer for free. "Let's read that small lines together". He was very surprised there was nothing about "except Scotland". Anyway he has spoken to the manager and they agreed together to give us that pint... I don't know but I will try it again in other pub today Thanks, the beer was great!
I tried to use the voucher today in The Granary in Glasgow today , refused, the barman cited scottish licencing laws prohibiting free beer but did admit it might just be the manager being a bit tight ;-)

Might contact head office if i feel they're worth the effort ;-)
expired now
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