This deal expires on 13 June 2024 at 22:59
Posted 18 May 2024

Free Pint of Strongbow or Fosters or John Smith at Participating Pub via Coupon

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Go to the link to get a coupon for a free pint of Stongbow or Fosters or John Smith at participating pubs.

For full terms England residents only aged 18+. Click post, enter personal details, select redemption location, and select serve a pint of Strongbow, John Smith’s or Foster’s between 17/05/24 and 13/06/24. Only access voucher when physically at selected venue. 12,500 pints available throughout all participating outlets. Receipt of voucher doesn’t guarantee free pint if redemption cap of 12,500 has been reached. Promoter Heineken UK Limited, EH12 9JZ.
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  1. mf9's avatar
    Last time I try use to one of these the pub refused as they said it had been abused, I guess people had worked out a way to get multiple drinks.  Be prepared to be disappointed!
    bigbadbren's avatar
    I think you’d be disappointed if you got one of these drinks aswell.
  2. Spidereater_Spiderman's avatar
    Strongbows the same, stop drinking it in cans, it's different, I work at Burton.
    christoph22's avatar
    The clothes shop?
  3. tommyboy81's avatar
    None near me, but heat added as everyone loves free beer 😜
    Besford's avatar
    Except it isn't real 'beer'.
  4. MLAM's avatar
    None near me, also all of these drinks are a shadow of their former selves.
  5. ssouthwell17's avatar
    Extremely limited where you can claim this.
  6. weeZl's avatar
    Strongbow, Fosters or John Smith.......the Holy Grail of top quality British pints.
    luqii's avatar
    Isn't Fosters Australian?
  7. EcoDad651's avatar
    We’re looking for Brewdog I’m afraid
  8. laplap's avatar
  9. Left4Ged's avatar
    One pub near me is valid, heat!
  10. w0z's avatar
    Does anyone know how many venues are participating?
    Quick research says Star might have 2400 pubs, I have no idea if that figure is Star only or all Heineken
    Lets guess (a finger in the air guess) 500 participating pubs, so 25 pints per venue over 27 days
    Let's call it 1 pint a day per venue or 25 pints to fill the quota for the period (or more if there are fewer venues, so 2 pints/day if 250 participating pubs)
    If those figures are correct there will be a lot of disappointed people after the first couple of days, and disappointed people means their free pint campaign will probably backfire.
    The comment above about it being abused makes little sense if those figures are anything like correct.
  11. rksagu's avatar
    Bizarrely this deal is very very limited even in the city.

    Bizarrely this deal isn't on in many places, even in cities. (edited)
  12. irishrover1979's avatar
  13. bingowings85's avatar
    can't give it away heat tho
  14. eireboy86's avatar
    No bars in Edinburgh, nearest place is in Glasgow
  15. v1nc3's avatar
    Say use mobile which I am
  16. eric.saunders's avatar
    Rubbish deal when the nearest pub is 7 miles away.
  17. PepetheFr0g's avatar
    Glitchy and buggy, rarely get the email and the link often sends you back to where you started
  18. royboy2011's avatar
    free pint, thanks OP
  19. Molineux's avatar
    Anyone else had issues with this. Have tried a couple of locations and keep getting "voucher allocation at venue used, try another venue" type message. Had that from day one.
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