Free pizza & dessert with Iceland bonus card (email invite)

Free pizza & dessert with Iceland bonus card (email invite)

TODAYFound 10th Jan
Received an email from Iceland offering a free pizza & dessert loaded on to my bonus card. Not sure if everyone with a bonus card will have this, as I have only had mine a couple of months.
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not in mine
Not in mine either
Not me.. Has anyone except the Op received this email..
I think this is their birthday offer. I'm pretty sure I got sent something similar when it was my birthday. Or it might just be a welcome offer.
I have only had my bonus card since the beginning of December, maybe that has something to do with the offer.
ive had my bonus card for years and never got anything out of it - i've now stopped showing it in Iceland as its pointless.
I got this offer emailed to me today - 50% off our award winning No Bull Burgers and £1 off any Iceland pizza. To get it, I have to shop before 18th January and swipe my card, then coupons are generated when you pay.
Never had anything via the bonus card and had it years
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