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Free Plant whopper or Vegan Royale burger - 25th August via app (10,000 available) - no min spend @ Burger King

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Posted 23rd Aug 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You can get a free plant based Whopper or vegan Royale burger at most Burger King restaurants via its app, when you click and collect on Thursday 25 August only. It’s for new and existing app users. There's no minimum spend required, limit of one per person. Will be available to use in 237 restaurants nationwide, excluding airports, motorway services, train stations and holiday parks. Will run all day on Thursday or until 10,000 redemptions. Assume it's a national burger day offer.

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Credit / source MSE

How to redeem using Click & Collect:

1) Sign in, click 'add to mobile order' & select restaurant OR click 'redeem in restaurant'

2) Add Plant-based WHOPPER® or Vegan Royale to basket

3) Checkout Offer valid from 06:00 until 23:59 on 25th August 2022 or until 10,000 customers have used the offer.

Plant Based Whopper

A flame-grilled plant-based burger, topped with tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, vegan mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun. The Plant-based Whopper is plant-based, however it is cooked on the same broiler as our original Whopper to deliver the same unique flame-grilled taste. Single Sandwich

Vegan Royale

Certified by the Vegan Society. A crispy vegan patty topped with iceberg lettuce, vegan mayo and crowned with a toasted sesame seed bun. For products certified by the Vegan Society, check for the logo. Single Sandwich

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  1. Avatar
    Vegan but it's cooked in the same place as the real meat version. So, how's it truly vegan?
    To my knowledge the whopper is cooked alongside the meat products but the Royale is not. This is why the whopper is called 'plant based', which is more of a dietary choice, and the Royale is able to be called vegan (and approved by the vegan society), which is a lifestyle choice.

    I hope that makes sense
  2. Avatar
    You would actually have to pay me to eat this!
    As a meat eater usually, I actually really enjoyed it.
  3. Avatar
    absolutely absurd they are allowed to advertise this as vegan when they cook it alongside meat products.
    The whopper is not classed as vegan for this reason, it is 'plant based', which is a dietary choice. The vegan Royale is not cooked alongside meat products and therefore it is vegan, which is a lifestyle choice
  4. Avatar
    The problem with these items is they're so heavily processed that they're not good for your health, yet they act like they're better than standard burgers. Now I'm all for being against animal cruelty, but this never comes up in the argument, only nonsense things like climate change or how meat is bad for us all of a sudden. Well sorry but humans evolved to get most of their calories from animal fat, it's where the majority of calories are in the wild. Otherwise we'd been like horses and cows constantly eating 24/7 to get the calories we need. What isn't natural though is processed carbohydrates like our modern day grains and vegetable oils. In the wild before mass farming there are root vegetables and nuts and non tropical fruits.... but there isn't natural enough to be the staple of our diet. What there was a lot of before we killed the wildlife was animals that we evolved to hunt and eat. You can still see this in certain places of the world, where tribes will kill animals, and eat every part of it a their main source of calories. Although sadly today world powers have brought corn and wheat to these places, they farm that and we'll see them before fat too.
    Let people think that beef and it's equivalents like beef liver (the absolute super food) are bad for us.
    Less competition on pretty much everything in life.
  5. Avatar
    How does this compare to the actual whopper?
    The Plant Based Whopper is pretty similar to be honest, but you can tell the difference.
    It's pretty good though (edited)
  6. Avatar
    The vegan royale is actually quite nice, only thing that misses slightly is the mayo
    And real ingredients
  7. Avatar
    Im not a vegan but this is the best vegan burger I've tried, in fact it tested nicer than the full fat version my friend was having. Highly recommend it, even if your a meat eater. I just wish I have a closer burger king, being in crewe, the closet one is stoke
  8. Avatar
    These are decent. I think the vegan burger is actually vegan - fried in separate oil etc.
  9. Avatar
    I downloaded the app but all my nearest locations say "Mobile ordering is not available at this store". Does that mean I won't be able to redeem this offer at them?
    Unfortunately yes, only stores that can offer Click&Collect are participating
  10. Avatar
    Why do people feel a need to take this as a chance to insult people who like this?
    I'm a meat eater, and I really enjoy the vegan royale, nicer than the normal.
  11. Avatar
    Nice, enjoy these a lot.
  12. Avatar
    The place is called Burger King any real vegetarian wouldn’t even enter the place
    Try keeping up , one this is on about ‘vegan’ not vegetarian which have different standards and two a burger is just a patty between buns , doesn’t have to be dead animal
  13. Avatar
    Hot 🔥 thanks for sharing OP!

    I used to work at a Burger King and Whoppers were my choice meal on my breaks. I can honestly say the plant-based ones taste just the same. Bias and context influence taste perception, which I think explains why some vegan-haters don't like these meat alternatives, but if people weren't told these aren't meat, they wouldn't know the difference.
    Of course. If you ate just the meat patty of a cheap burger without seasoning, relishes, salad, bread, they would be pretty tasteless. So it makes sense that the plant based version would taste similar to the meat version.
  14. Avatar
    Is there a meat alternative? (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Unless you are from the future, it starts tomorrow
  16. Avatar
    I tried this around midday but when I got to check out it was asking me to still pay.
    Your time machine is due a service
  17. Avatar
    From what I know although these are vegan ingredients, they wouldn't be suitable for vegans as they grill them in meat juices "to give them an authentic taste"
    Both have vegan ingredients, but the vegan royale is suitable for vegans as it is vegan, and is advertised as Vegan.
    The Plant Based Whopper is not advertised as vegan, and is not vegan as it is cooked on the same broiler as the meat, but not cooked in meat juices! (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Nothing to do with healthy lifestyle
    Both plant based options have fewer calories, slightly less fat, but more salt than the standard whopper, so swings & roundabouts. (Also a fair bit less protein)
  19. Avatar
    Burger King vegan options are bang on for how close they are to the real thing
  20. Avatar
    This has become a vegan echo chamber as any differing views have been mass reported and deleted.
    Strange way to have a debate…….
    I'm not a vegan, or a vegetarian, but I'm struggling to see any valid view that there's something wrong with letting people eat a burger that isn't made from meat if that's what they want to do.
  21. Avatar
    You can’t just get the free burger though so really the ‘no minimum spend’ is rubbish what they’ve said. Tried it on the app but when I add the free burger you can’t check out, you HAVE to add something else to your order
    This is incorrect, I just had vegan royale through the app and all went through fine
  22. Avatar
    Just had my free Vegan Royale - was much better than I expected - I don't think I would have known it wasn't chicken.

    Also noticed I'd been given 200 reward points which was enough to get free chips to go with it.
  23. Avatar
    Cold, vegan lol
  24. Avatar
    Been wanting to try this for ages and tomorrow’s my last day at work until Tuesday (took Friday off as AL as it’s my B-Day). In my home town, my local shut down during lockdown and never re-opened…

    Will be pigging out on this and a Wendy’s tomorrow after work, also coincidentally it’s payday for me too! 😁 (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Fried in same oil as fish and beef burgers?
    The Vegan Royale is fried separately from all meat, and BK don't sell fish
  26. Avatar
    I've tried it twice because people keep saying how nice they are.
    But it's mad how our taste buds are different: I absolutely adore Beyond Burgers or anything like them wherever I find them. These taste like an old shoe.
    I still live in hope that Maccies let you order a Big Mac with two beyond burgers in them....but they're so terrified of the vegan brigade that they won't let you put plant based in with 'normal'.
    Have you tried the vegan royale? It actually tastes very similar to the chicken version
  27. Avatar
    I think BK have bean a bit sneaky - if you're going to go to the trouble of introducing a Plant based option, why not go the whole hog and make it fully vegan? Vegans want to try it - meat eaters want to slate it, they're losing out on a whole audience who really want to try it but can't. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    wow they actually put one per person this time after i got 30 free whoppers last time haha wonder if bk will be strct on that
    That's abuse . But from BK stand point, each is just a customer, so doesn't make a difference. Only issue might have pushed out others to redeem their's.
  29. Avatar
    Mine acts like it is charging what am I doing wrong
    48090685-xFI0H.jpg (edited)

    Replying to

    Yep my local wasn't working before 11am, now it's available to order on the app
  30. Avatar
    Bit silly
  31. Avatar
    Just been to a branch in northern Ireland and was unsuccessful in getting my free plant based whopper. Anyone else have issues in NI?
    Can confirm that you can't order it via app in any NI branches.

    Did you try face to face in store, did they tell you off?
  32. Avatar
    Bit of a faff getting one at Stratford, east London, but got there in the end. Mind you, the taste of it reminded me why I don't usually pay for burgers from BK.

    Replying to

    Ordered it, my number was 5000 say. On screen being prepared: 4998, then 4999, then ... 5002, then 5003. So I queued, went to the counter and told them and they sorted it. In my limited experience, this is the sort of thing that happens at BK Stratford and I would avoid. The irony is there is sign saying to avoid queuing use the app.
  33. Avatar
    Thanks OP had a free lunch
  34. Avatar
    This offer happened before but they gave out Plant Whoppers instead, went to go get one and they gave me lettuce and mayo in the 2 buns instead. No plant patty was given.
    That was a truly vegan burger (except for the mayo)! (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Magically the stores that have always taken mobile orders, all seem to be unable to today
  36. Avatar
    Is this just a whooper or do you get a meal?
    You get 2 meals, 1 milkshake and an ice cream
  37. Avatar
    Other national burger day offers:
    - BOGOF all burgers @ hard rock cafe
    - free Chick'N Mayo Burgers @ Clean Kitchen Club London locations (see below)


    We have partnered with Tindle to give away 300x Plant-Based Chick'N Mayo Burgers. Enjoy a National Burger Day celebration with ridiculously good chicken burgers made from plants.

    We are offering 100x burgers from 12pm at Clean Kitchen Camden, Notting Hill and Wembley.

    Where to find us:
    Clean Kitchen Camden: Camden High Street Buck Market
    Clean Kitchen Notting Hill: 171A Portobello Road
    Clean Kitchen Wembley: Inside Boxpark Wembley

    *T&C's: *T&Cs Available on first 100 after 12pm at each location. Just available on the Chick'n Mayo Burger (edited)
  38. Avatar
    Thanks op!
  39. Avatar
    I'm guessing you can't use the other promotions at the same time
  40. Avatar
    Anyone know if it operates like McDonalds in which you must be at the location to go fully through with the order, or if you can order for pick up at any location then get it at that set time?
    You can order and just collect before close. You don’t have to be there and don’t set a time, just say order name / number when you get there.
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