Free poker $10 credit
Free poker $10 credit

Free poker $10 credit

My first deal so go easy on me.

$10 free for answering 3 questions


1. A2
2. Turn
3. 4 of a kind


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Gambling is not for everyone so don't vote this cold if your an anti gambler.

Betfair are one of the best companies out there and I have been playing online poker over the past 5 years.

This is a free $10, the T/C say you have to play one game before 4/11/09. Games start from as little as 10 cents so you don't need to gamble the entire $10. There is no play through conditions and I have been reliably informed on the betfair forum that the money doesn't even have to be played on the poker site and can be used for gambling.

To lift the cash out, you WILL have to deposit but as I can verify that you can lift out any deposit + winnings straight away, making this a very low risk venture.

If your a serious poker player, I would go for a rakeback deal instead.

See me at the tables as SexyShazza (I know.... but people do play softer against ladies)

Any questions, fire away.

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[email protected];6750924


Never even thought about quidco, thanks for that but if your a serious player I would go through [url]www.rakebrain.com[/url] for a 30% rakeback deal. I've received over $1,000 rakeback in the past year putting quidco into insignificance.

something for nothing cheers

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Anyone who has clicked the blue button, please tell me why your voting this cold?

If your anti gambling this is an easy way to get one over on the site.

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-41% from the bashers, shouldn't you be in church tonight?

At least I have the balls to give a reason if i vote something cold. Not one comment from a cold voter.

There's a free £10 multiple on this site as well but you obviously need to spin your £6 odd pound up.

I've given you some heat mate, not that you'll notice its so cold in here!
Good deal for having a dabble, but like you i play serious poker, but on BetFred.

Didn't really like the BetFair poker site, but thats personal preference.
Don't let the anonymous cold voters put you off posting mate

Seems good to me! Heat given

cant get the link to work can anyone posta direct link

heat added....do you need to be a new member?/make a deposit?

have some heat - good deal - I likes free money.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

this is seriously hot! i dont usually bother looking a cold posts but something told me i should look into this one. i already have a betfair account but never bothered with the poker so this is a nice little brucie bonus! Cheers GlentoranMark if i could vote hot more than once i would do

sounds great thanks



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