Free PoshBomb T-Shirt

Free PoshBomb T-Shirt

Found 7th Sep 2006
Here have a free T-Shirt from Poshbomb. Supposed To Be Of Very Good Quality.

Please Leave Credit where due.
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[SIZE=2]Nice one, Thanks [/SIZE]
good find :thumbsup:
nice one ::)
thanks hot++
[FONT=VERDANA][SIZE=-1][FONT=VERDANA,GENEVA][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000000]Thank you for requesting a free sample tshirt.

(advice) Don't wear this going through an airport!
effing & jeffing

(advice) Don't wear this going through an airport!


Thanks hatembet!

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Thanks! Rep+ Hot+
effing & jeffing

(advice) Don't wear this going through an airport!

lol... speaking from experience?
thanks for this, voted hot and rep left
Cheers :thumbsup:
Voted and left credit - cheers
FANTASTIC, many thanks. Credit left.
Thanks very much :thumbsup:

Free clothes are always good !

a top find, a big fat credit coming your way:thumbsup:
Ordered one for the missus, can get her doing some painting in it lol :-D
Nice one! thanks.
Nice find, just thinking when you fill in their little survey it asks questions like why do you want this shirt? IE, just want a free shirt or want to see print quality, I wonder if they use this information to filter out who to send one to.
Excellent thanks for that!
The sizing chart for the Gildan Ringer Tee (style 2600) is ]http//gi…600
(Flash) in cm if you pick European region and inches if you pick UK.

If you double the width, you should get approx chest sizing:
S: 36 M: 40 L: 44 XL: 48 2XL: 52 (inches)

Poshbomb want to offer XS, S, M or L so I'm not sure how that works :-(

I guess I'll find out though...
Thanks ;-)
thx m8 cheers for this
Thanks for this...
ordered 1 thank you:thumbsup:
Anyone received this yet?, no sign of mine yet, must be 3 or 4 weeks now!
Me neither! Must of ordered mine about a month ago now.

Anyone had any success?
yep me too
I've just ordered one - many thanks for the offer! Hope they've not run out as it looks as though a lot of people have been ordering...
Still no-one recieved these yet?
I ordered mine many weeks ago, no sign of it yet though

Same here must have requested the day this post went up but no T-Shirt
Cheers! One Ordered
Cheers! have ordered one ... will just have to wait and see if it ever materialises.
:x sent for this one ages ago and still havent got it
Thank you for requesting a free sample tshirt.

wonder if it will ever turn up..... thanks
Thank you so much
Hmmm I have a feeling we are never going to get these t-shirts,

cheers just ordered mine
I have only just come across the link, but it now says 'order a free product' - not specifically a T-shirt . . . . .
I never recieved anything from them either
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