Free post-it goodies (worth £10)
Free post-it goodies (worth £10)

Free post-it goodies (worth £10)

Full credit to bristolleedsfan over on MSE for this one :

Dear Post-it® Note Lover,

3M Consumer and Office are interested to know your views on a range of concepts we are considering for our next great promotion in quarter 4 of this year. In return for your feedback we will send you a package of FREE Post-it® Notes goodies to the value of £10.

Please click on the link below to input your comments. This survey should take you less than five minutes to complete. Please rest assured that information provided will be used for the purpose of this research only. In return we request that you keep any information within the survey confidential.


Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to receiving your comments.

Best regards,

The Post-it® Brand Team

* It's a very short survey (3 minutes)
* The page will close the browser window after you submit your address


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Thanks. Heat & Rep … Thanks. Heat & Rep addedhttp://www.ida3m.com/ida_db/ida.dll?ar&sid=051802573

Thanks & thanks for sorting out the clicky.

many thanks

Great-thank you muchly!!


great just filled it in repped and voted hot

Cheers! Hope it comes.. whatever it is lol.

Cheers, running short, better than buying them.

Thanks. Heat added.


Thanks. Heat added.

From me too! Cheers!!!

thanks !!!

Thanks - interesting freebie, but what a strange questionnaire! Perhaps not as strange as me filling out a survey before 6.00 in the morning :?

Many thanks

Thanks. The weidest survey ever!

H&R Added :-D

H&R added, cool.... Everyone loves Post It notes

top notch, repped

Nice one! Heat added xx

[COLOR="Navy"]Many thanks, even tho' survey was weird.[/COLOR]

Great freebie, thank you, heat added :thumbsup:

After clicking "finish" did anyone else just get a blank screen?


After clicking "finish" did anyone else just get a blank screen?

Just disappeared for me!

Me too, thanks very much

Cheers!! Heat & rep added

Heat and rep added

Heat & Rep added, thank you!

:thinking:thanks just done mine to see what i get

Heat & Rep added.

What was those questions all about, very strange.

Heat added, cheers

brilliant, fingers crossed they arrive


Good Stuff, Hot Hot Hot!!

That was easy enough. And am pleased they say they wont use address for any other purposes.
Will wait and see what comes.
Thanks for the link though.

Giving rep for reposting someone else's deal? Whatever next...

Thanks :thumbsup:

strange questions, heat added, freebies are always welcome.

Quick survey and freebies! Have to agree - weird subject tho.........

They are obviously about to start a new marketing campaign with either DOND or Strictly Come Dancing promotions and want to gage feedback before they choose which one to go for, strange survey though.

Many Thanks, Just Giving A Little More Heat

Super Fab Heated Up And Rept Up:friends:
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