Free Potato Growing Kit (Worth £16.61 only pay P&P of £4.50) @

Free Potato Growing Kit (Worth £16.61 only pay P&P of £4.50) @

Found 16th Mar 2011
Grow your own potato plant with a free growing kit worth £16.61.

You can order a free potato growing kit worth £16.61 for free, paying only £4.50 to cover postage and packaging.

To order your free kit, visit and add the potato kit to your shopping basket.

This offer is available until 30th April, 2011.

Subject to availability and on offer while stocks last.


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Why the cold votes? You can grow your own spuds at home for only £4.50 postage and packaging!!

You can get this sort of thing in Poundland

This is not worth more than a Pound or two - so that's why even £4.50 is quite a high price for this ! Do you really think they are spending this amount on postage & packaging!? These are marketing gimmicks just to sell !

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Just no pleasing some people

buy some potatoes
let them go to seed
put them in soil in the garden

I have to say even for £4.50 my local farm will do me a massive bag which would take about 10 of these kits to grow!!

I got the thompson and morgan one last month just for some fun.

Actual postage cost would be about £1 on this so you are basically paying £3.50 for something that is £1 in most pound shops.

Find an old potato at the back of the cupboard. Cut off the sprouting bits. Plant them in the garden. Wait a few months for the 'free' potatos to grow. In the meanwhile, finish peeling the old potato and turn it into chips.


Thanks OP for posting, must be worth £4.50 cos there are five packets of Thompson & Morgan’s vegetable seeds included with every pack. (_;)

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