Free Potty training charts
Free Potty training charts

Free Potty training charts

Might be helpful for those trying to potty training their kids


This will be great for my nephew, thanks!

Good spot. So at what age can we expect potty training to start ( and the overflowing poo bombs to end)?

Fantastic! Big help for my daughter! Thank you!

awesome, my little one is currently in training, well, training is over now, just the night time problem now, we keep her pull ups on overnight, but at what age should they come off too?

Brilliant! Just what i needed for my princess! Thanks

Thanks. I shall use these at work with pre-school children.

Fab! Just starting potty training with my little girl. Got more wee on the floor than in the actual potty @ the mo but its early days! Hopefully this will help!! Thanks

Ah thats a great find! Heat and rep

just toilet trained my young daughter. i personally think potties are a waste of time. did 2 weeks of potty then went to using toilet. would have been much better to go straight to using the toilet.I think it would have been hard to train before she could communicate properly that she needs to go. Started when she was 2 and took about a week for her to get the jist of it!.still wearing pull ups at night though, like someone else said , i don't know how long that should last for.

Thanks for this!
It might incourage my almost 3 yr old to stop being so lazy & actually say BEFORE he needs to go rather than AFTER he has been!

i'd say theyre ready when you notice their pull ups/nappies becoming dry in the morning and they will use the toilet in the morning when they get up!

What a perfect caption... Heheh.
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