Free p&p @ Firebox
Free p&p @ Firebox

Free p&p @ Firebox

Think this is now the right section for this

cd-wow.com have a gift section called "Wow-gadgets" where you don't have to pay postage. I'm not sure if they have all Fireboxes products there, but theres a lot of choice and you save yourself about £3.95!


x-it's_me-x, thanks for the heads up Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. This should have been a tip/sale rather than a product

Unfortunately most the time you can get £5 off at firebox so you save postage + £1 anyway

Cant you use one of the FREE £5 vouchers & get an equivalent of FREE p&p + £1.05 discount on the product ? :roll:

in the past whenever i've tried the wow gadgets section doesn't let you enter a voucher code.
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