Free Premier Sports on Virgin Media

Free Premier Sports on Virgin Media

LocalFound 25th Oct 2013
Just seen that Premier Sports is now available on Virgin Media channel 551. It's free till the end of December then it will go to £7.99pm. Great for us NHL fans!
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And for the RL World Cup,nice one
Where did you see this please? Is it on all packages?
SWEET!!!! £7.99 is still a bit steep considering they really only show my NHL team maybe twice a month but just happy I have access to it.
Only XL get it free but I have L package only but I am watching it now
was looking at NHL gamecenter $99 a year
I contacted them by Facebook this morning after noticing on the EPG, no doubt an official press release will come out soon
Great channel for fans of Rugby League, I've subscribed through Sky for a couple of seasons now.

They've got the RL World Cup but they also have most NRL games, State of Origin, Championship coverage etc during the domestic season.

The lack of HD is annoying though.
I've noticed the quality is pretty poor so far
I used to subscribe to Premier Sports a couple of years back for the odd boxing match they showed.
They lost them all to Box Nation and to be honest, there was very little else in the way of quality sports on the channel then.
I know they've got some better coverage now of a couple of US sports, but I don't know if it's worth paying for...
If you're an NHL fan a season pass for Gamecenter Live is $100 and an Unblockus subscription is $5 a month and you can watch every single NHL game (including playoffs) live in HD, a far superior option to PS.
Well spotted. Rugby World Cup for me, maybe even some speedway ?

Only XL get it free but I have L package only but I am watching it now

No they dont, everyone is getting it until around the end of the year then it is stand alone for £7.99.

was looking at NHL gamecenter $99 a year

The problem with gamecenter is if its on premier sports the game is blacked out on gamecenter!
VM Channel 515?
If you like NHL or RL then you'd probably like both. They're similar sports in that they're quick, exciting, physical with moments brilliance from the players. Both are simple to understand initially but have a lots of hidden depth and strategy to get your head around.

With the world cup in this country and with Premier Sports being free, there's never a better chance to give RL a go.

*A Bradford Bulls and Toronto Maple Leafs fan

VM Channel 515?


VM Channel 515?

515 is Sky Sports News. OP says ch 551, but not had chance to check it myself yet.
I believe that they show Gaelic football too?

I believe that they show Gaelic football too?

Yes they do and League of Ireland football.
NHL Diehards need Gamecenter Live, it's cheaper than a monthly subscription to Premier Sports and there's hundreds of complete games stretching back to the 07-08 season.
yes showing on my virgin media medium plus package also seem to have bt sport aswell

how do get this?

Virtual Insanity

Unblockus subscription is $5 a month .

If it is not SKY, it is HOT!!!
Thanks. Confirmed getting it on my M package now.
I am a VM Employee. Can confirm this is now rolled out across all channels until December free of charge. Subscription will likely be £7.99 ongoing (opt in) but this is not yet confirmed.
I stopped following the NHL after the lockout, but find it amazing that no Canadian team has lifted the Cup since the Habs in '93.
This is the old defunct Setanta mob I'm sure
Nice to see it kick in today, come on the Penguins!
thanks for the info
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