Free Prescriptives Moonbeam lipgloss for everyone!!
Free Prescriptives Moonbeam lipgloss for everyone!!

Free Prescriptives Moonbeam lipgloss for everyone!!

Visit a Prescriptives counter for a make-up consultation and take home a free 3ml Moonbeam Reflective Lipgloss in Aurora and a sleek cosmetics bag.

Simply print off this page and take it to your nearest Prescriptives counter.

Moonbeam Reflective Lipgloss will give you seriously shiny lips. It's packed with more light reflectors than a disco ball giving you a glossier, plumper look.

Please print this page and take it to one of the Prescriptives counters below to get your free gifts.


Sorry not too keen on these ones, I never seem to be lucky they always say they have sold out. I suppose its worth a try if you are going shopping anyway though.

nice item

For once, a freebie was actually in stock by the time I reached the counter! The nice salesperson also threw in a mascara sample to add to the cute lipgloss and purple make-up purse. You have to submit to a quick 'consultation', but it's painless:thumbsup:

I am usually the first one to rubbish cosmetics counter freebies. I've tried a few times to claim sample perfumes, mascaras etc... and have been repelled by harpies with caked-on makeup who sneer at your little coupon and tell you they ran out of the free samples weeks ago, before cold-shouldering you to concentrate on the paying customers.

However, this was a genuine really good freebie! The Prescriptives assistants are genuinely nice, they don't ignore you and they don't do a hard sell either. I had a five minute demonstration of their new powder (which looked pretty good anyway) and was rewarded with a full size lipgloss (RRP 9.99) in a very well-made, zippered cosmetic bag in nice muted shades of buff and purple. Something I will actually use! All I can say is "Thanks, Prescriptives. It's made me look at your cosmetics in an entirely new light - I may even go on to be a customer!"
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