Free Preview of Gone Baby Gone 3rd June

Free Preview of Gone Baby Gone 3rd June

Found 28th May 2008
Screenings take place at 6.30 on Tues 3rd June at Cineworlds in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Castleford, Sheffield, Middlesbrough and Bolton...

Edge-of-your-seat thriller Gone Baby Gone is the critically-acclaimed and hotly-anticipated directorial debut from Academy Award-winner Ben Affleck.

Gone Baby Gone (Cert 15) at cinemas everywhere from June 6
Based on the best-selling novel by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River), and starring Academy Award-nominees Casey Affleck and Amy Ryan alongside Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris, Gone Baby Gone follows a gripping and disturbing criminal investigation by private detectives Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and Angie Gennaro (Monaghan), which leads them into the depths of Bostons underworld, where the gritty working-class streets are lined with the wreckage of broken families and dreams. Taking on a new and deeply sensitive case they soon find themselves on a trail that winds into the dark heart of the city and the pungent misery of abuse, addiction and neglect.

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Saw this on the plane to South East Asia a months ago, really enjoyed the film, Ben's brother did a really good job.

great post beeing looking for some freebies for 2 weeks an that came at the right time thanks again

:thumbsup: Cheers, got 2 tickets for Birmingham! They seem to go within minutes lately

thanks for posting, voted hot but not near to me

Thanks ....looking forward to it ....Heat added :-)

every time i try to punch the code in for sms text i keep getting message back saying incorrect code please try again?

thanks got 2 tickets

Thanks :thumbsup: was trying to see this film but said full up. ta for the new code got my tickets now ;-)

I've said it before and will say again, worst film I've seen in a long time, Casey Affleck is awful.

I have seen it! Excellent movie...
Why don't u people just download it???
DVD Screener available readily on the net!

Tired of this really a story already. I expect this film was been made, if not to cash in, to relieve the feeling of guilt.

The last thing I want to do is watch a film of this sorry sorry tale, that IMO has got way out of control and caused mass irrational hysteria amongst Daily Mail reading public and beyond.
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