Free preview screening of "Hoodwinked"
Free preview screening of "Hoodwinked"

Free preview screening of "Hoodwinked"

Free preview screening of hoodwinked on september 17th. the film comes out on the 29th of september. to apply go to momentumscreenings.co.uk
you're got to be really quick because the tickets run out so quickly


Doesn't give me any choice of cinema, all I get is a blank menu.

That's because it doesn't launch until tomorrow - as per the text on the site

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if it's blank menu, it's mean the ticket run out but keep checking everyday and the cinema is cineworld not odean

Perhaps we're all getting.... [SIZE="6"][SIZE="4"]Hoodwinked? :lol: [/SIZE][/SIZE]


Thanks for the post - you were right, the tickets went almost instantly. Spent late afternoon checking every 10 minutes and when the site went up I registered immediately - even then only managed 2 tickets (ideally wanted 4 for the whole family). Still, a good morning out for two of us!

Thanks again:thumbsup:

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[SIZE=2] Try to put the code "HoodGT" you might get the ticket.[/SIZE]

I have 4 tickets just popped code in thanks!!!!!!:-D

great Super Smashing Got 8 tickets the hole family is going :-D

cool... got 4 tickets for Birmingham... thanx:thumbsup:

I just got 4 for Birmingham too..........see you there

[SIZE=2]I just got 4 tickets for Edinburgh thanks!!!![/SIZE]

Just a quick one if you read the small print First come First Served so make sure your there Early..............:roll:

first time heard of this preview screening site. thanks for the find. hope more to come. cheers.

have some reputation.

thanks got 2 tickets for glasgow a think lol

Thank you, first time somthing like this worked for me.


do these come in the form of an email ticket that u print out and take a along? anyone get any for Didsbury, Manchester?

I only just saw the trailer, and this film looks aweful.
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