Free preview tickets for Walk Hard (15th Jan)
Free preview tickets for Walk Hard (15th Jan)

Free preview tickets for Walk Hard (15th Jan)

Click on GO TO DEAL and use the code 680234.

Screenings take place on Tuesday 15th Jan at 6.30pm at the following venues:

Vue, Basingstoke Festival * Vue, Harrow * Vue, Bolton * Vue, Fulham Road * Vue, York * Vue, Cardiff * Vue, Croydon Grants * Vue, Islington * Vue, Swansea * Vue, Hull Princes Quay * Vue, Northampton * Vue, Sheffield * Vue, Newcastle Under Lyme * Vue, Manchester Lowry * Vue, Worcester

Many thanks to serendipity 2706 on MSE.

Merry Christmas!!


voted hot. got my tickets, then another email comes along:
"Dear x

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control the screening of Walk Hard at Vue, Islington on the 15th Januaary 20008 has now been cancelled. There are however alternative screenings around London on the same date. To request a ticket simply visit seefilmfirst.com and enter the code: 680234.

Apologies for any inconvieience this may cause.

If you need any assistance please contact [email protected]"


Hot, got some for the O2, thanks!

hmm i wrote to jane on the email if she can confirm the cancellation. she replied saying she can offer me tix to the finchley cinema. yay!

Original Poster

**** - just got the same email myself!! Well that was a waste of time.:roll:

Thanks - Just got two for York...

None for Leicester.

just got two for croydon. Thanks and Merry Christmas:santa::santa:

Awwww.... not around my area, voted hot anyway as good for those who can go

none left in croydon now, thanks tho

Wahey! A new film in Hull, shame they're all gone!

Just got this email, who's the eejit organiser?

"Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the screenings of Walk Hard on the 15th WILL NOT be going ahead. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused but assure you we have lots more great titles for this year, and Walk Hard will be in cinemas on 18th January.

There are screenings of Walk Hard on the 14th January at 6.30 in the following Vue Cinemas:

Aberdeen, Acton, Birmingham, Blackburn, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, North Finchley, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Staines, Thurrock, Thanet, Reading and Watford

If any of these locations are of interested to you for the 14th, go to [url]www.seefilmfirst.com[/url] now and enter code: 547471"

Cancelled at croydon for the 15th

Hull screenings have been cancelled too!


Hull screenings have been cancelled too!

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