Free preview tickets to Ocean's 13 (London Only)

Free preview tickets to Ocean's 13 (London Only)

Found 1st Jun 2007
Thanks to ToxicBunni on MSE:

Click on GO TO DEAL and use the code: 449113

Cineworld Haymarket only, 6th June, 6.30pm

Enjoy the movie



Original Poster

Geez already??!... well I guess it was on MSE first so tickets would go fast.

Try the code again early tomorrow morning. These codes usually get activated again (someone even tried them after 3am once and managed to get tickets for a previously full venue).

Good luck!

P.S. cheers for voting cold, whoever did.

more seats. just got a pair. quick.

Just managed to grab a pair!
Quick while it's still available!
Thanks AngelUndercover!


Just got home! (00:20am XD)
Great day; went and watched it with my older brother;
Would of really enjoyed it but the sound problems really
were annoying...

Thanks again for the tickets AngelUndercover!
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