Free Primal Scream 31 Track Download @ Mflow

Free Primal Scream 31 Track Download @ Mflow

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Free Primal Scream download which by my count runs to 31 tracks, including album tracks and lots of remixes, etc.

Log into MFLOW and redeem code FRIDAYFB.

The downside seems to be that you have to download each track one by one (unless I'm missing something).



Have you got a link FatAndy?

I can't believe they have not sorted the download problem out yet. The software does do it, but it takes ages for it to even start to automatically downloading.

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Link is -

If you don't already have an MFLOW you'll need to set one up. Then go into the 'account' section (top right hand corner when you're logged in) and click on 'redeem code'. You'll need to validate your account to do this. If you enter the code successfully a message will appear at the bottom of the screen saying that the code has been applied to your account (nb this is quite easy to miss). You then need to go into the 'account' section and click on downloads and hopefully you'll have 31 tracks waiting to be downloaded.

MFLOW regularly issue codes for free downloads, free credit and discounts so it's worth keeping an eye on what they're offering. Codes get issued via Twitter rather than posted on their website.
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Hot! I really enjoy listening to Primal Scream. I still remember the Kowalski music video.

Fantastic freebie. Thanks.

I'm getting some TOP free albums from MFlow - LOVE the site! Heat added....

Primal Scream are actually an excellent band!


This one has reached its limit....
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