Posted 15 December 2022

New/Upgrading customers: Free Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited or Audible for up to 6 months with new plan @ O2

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About this deal

Get Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited or Audible
For up to 6 months, on us, with your new plan. Or add Prime to your O2 bill and get a £2 a month airtime discount

Get up to 6 months of Prime on us, then £8.99 a month. You can cancel anytime on My O2.

Amazon Music Unlimited
Get up to 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited on us, then £9.99 a month. You can cancel at any time in My O2.

Get up to 6 months of Audible on us, then £7.99 a month. You can cancel at any time in My O2.

Full O2 Extras T&C:o2.co.uk/ter…ras
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Community Updates
to cancel your renewal of your extra, rem to go to


How do I cancel my Extra?

You can cancel your Extra at any point in My O2.

If you have chosen a free Extra, follow these steps:

Log in to My O2 and go to your ‘Account summary’Press the ‘+’ under the ‘Your Extras’ sectionSelect ‘Manage this Extra’ on the Extra you’re looking to changePress the ‘Turn auto-renewal off’ button to cancel your Extra You can also cancel your free Extra within the My O2 app. Go to ‘Account Summary’ – ‘Manage your account’ – ‘Your Extras’ and follow the same steps outlined above.

If you have chosen Disney+ as a paid Extra, you’ll need to commit for a minimum of six months. You will be able to cancel your Disney+ Extra after the initial six months. Follow the steps above, after your minimum term, to cancel your Disney+ Extra.

You can also contact us and we'll help you cancel your Extra.
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  1. Avatar
    Sim only deals are expensive. £12 for 1Gb on a 12 month contract? no thanks.

    Currently on £8 for 8Gb with Sky. (edited)
    Interesting, I get 30gb SIM only for £8 currently with O2?
  2. Avatar
    They need to improve their coverage and bandwidth for better internet. Guess they figured out this way they get more customers.
    Their coverage and internet service has only gotten worse. I can't even open a web page at home but used to have hit coverage. That's a couple of years ago now.
  3. Avatar
    Switching 3 accounts today to EE due to O2 having a dreadful and worsening coverage in our area.
  4. Avatar
    Is this for any plan?
  5. Avatar
    Not bad, shame existing customers don't get maybe 3 months?
  6. Avatar
    Any idea how long this offer is on for? Could upgrade now but have a month of audible left...
    Prime's a new one but they're always offering 6 months free for things, plus giftcards, months free. I've been upgrading every couple of months for the last few years.
  7. Avatar
    free disney + was a better offer.
    You can still get Disney+ if you want that instead.
  8. Avatar
    You're not eligible if you already have Amazon prime.
  9. Avatar
    Terms & Condition states prime is no longer avaliable,last date to register was 14th December
  10. Avatar
    Did this recently & Prime is only Prime video not full Prime membership
    Full Prime membership is now an O2 perk available through Priority and MyO2 for £8.99 with £2 monthly bill credit, I just noticed it and came on here. The T&Cs on the Priority page don't say anything about not being available for existing Prime members, but when you try and activate it under MyO2 it says not available to existing subscribers... I'm wondering if I cancel my Prime sub if I could then join through this for the £2 bill credit a month...
  11. Avatar
    I had to claim my extra by this weekend (3 months) having joined O2 a bit ago is there any way of doing it for the 6 months here or is it only for those taking out a new plan now?
  12. Avatar
    Does this also apply to the uswitch offers?
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