Free Property Damage Cover Assistance (normally £17/year)

Free Property Damage Cover Assistance (normally £17/year)

Found 27th Sep 2017Edited by:"mi5tery"
TotalPropertyAssist have put a free code offer on their website (for TotalMotorAssist members - but you don't seem to need to be a member for it to work) giving 12 month property damage cover assistance for free.

This is for ASSISTANCE not actual insurance cover.

I received the following email earlier today as member of TotalMotorAssist:

"A huge superstorm born from two more massive Atlantic hurricanes is on target to hit the UK next week and bring us all weather hell.

In these circumstances, we've decided to waive all our usual charges for our property damage service, Total Property Assist. *

Quite simply, if your home gets damaged you'll really need what we provide - so please go ahead and join now for FREE"

If you go to their site, you will see a banner at the top:

Atlantic hurricanes - huge storms smashing into Britain. So all costs waived
for all our TMA members - join FREE now with this 100% discount code: tma17

Summary of benefits
Personal Home
  • We take away the hassle & disruption of property damage insurance claims
  • We only work with reputable vetted contractors and tradespeople
  • We ensure your property repairs are completed to the highest standards
  • We're experienced in dealing with loss adjusters, insurers and tradespeople
  • Our highly professional process ensures a successful, hassle-free outcome
  • 24/7 freephone helpline for immediate assistance
  • Rapid-response online property damage reporting
  • Includes every kind of home: houses, flats, studios, static caravans and more


  • Includes all business premises: shops, offices, factories and other buildings
  • Join us for your business premises and your home is included for no extra charge
  • There's no cost to you when we manage your property damage claim
  • We're paid directly by your insurer, so all our services are cost-free to you
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wow, ppi has hit insurance,,,,
"We're paid directly by your insurer, so all our services are cost-free to you"So there never was a fee that needed paying?
so they are like the motor accident "management" comapnies out tehre but for home insurance.

pointelss and will just add costs which will increase premiums
Edited by: "shaz2sxy" 27th Sep 2017
Alarmist weather nonsense
How kind ..any builder just refuses work in my area do I learnt plumbing carpentry etc ..crazy .
as least they fix it fre
Insurance claim management outfits like these have far more complex and heavy handed T&Cs in their contracts than your insurer. I know someone who used such a company and did not see that the contract they signed stated they could not speak to the insurance provider or would face legal actions. Also, they do tend to invoice the insurance providers for more than what their contractors actually do or the quality of the products that are actually used.

Meteoor3 h, 29 m ago

Alarmist weather nonsense

Should be on the front page of the Daily Express tomorrow.
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