FREE PS3 80gb WITH MOBLE PHONE ONLY £40 MTH or less @ Phones4U
FREE PS3 80gb WITH MOBLE PHONE ONLY £40 MTH or less @ Phones4U

FREE PS3 80gb WITH MOBLE PHONE ONLY £40 MTH or less @ Phones4U

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I know its a good deal as i bought a phone and walked out with the 80 gb ps3, AND they gave us £50 cashback rght there, 18 mth contract, 900 mins unlimited texts, really chuffed, my phone was due for renewel, and i ened up paying less monthly than what i did b4. Very pleased, if you go instore they ave he ps3 to take away, choice of phones not too bad either, i have the samsung slide phone


total paid over the 18 months is £720 (just so you know).

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Hi yes i know but ive been paying that for the last couple of yrs anyway, without haviing any cashback or free ps3, so to me its a good deal, not everyone will think it is but like i said i was already paying £40 mth so no difference to me financially


This one is about £360 but use quidco and also you get free phone and free minutes

Have to say I think you've paid well over the odds for this deal. And it doesn't really matter what you were paying before, if you had shopped around a bit you would have found a deal which could have saved you hundreds like ramkmr pointed out.
I'd bring it back because you should have a cooling off period where you can change your mind.
If not, unlucky!!

Were the staff laughing when you left the shop:oops:

This could be a record low. Freezing cold:w00t:.

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No the staff werent laughing thankyou, i do agree Adriang i should of shopped around but the guy above with the link, the phone is pretty **** and its only 3oo mins and 200 texts i got unlimited texts and 900 mins, so i dont think its that bad to be honest
Robsprocket says it all about you with a pic like that, i take it you havent any children, well i hope not

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Oh got £50 cashback which takes it down to £670.

it annoys when someone tries to compare a deal and they are nowhere the same as she said she got 900 mins and unlimited texts and you compare a deals that has abvout 200 mins they only thing the same was the ps3 i think this is a decent deal it is is £670 over 18 months thats about £38 a month she has a ps3 which she could have sold for 250ish so thats £420 over 18 months so just over £23 a month for 900 mins and unlimited texts and a free phone
why the hell is that cold !!!!!!!!!!!!! better deal than i am on

its so hard to get a deal hot on here people just vote cold, heat and rep added
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