Free PS3, Lg cookie, ult calls &txt only £45 [email protected] CPW
Free PS3, Lg cookie, ult calls &txt only £45 pm@ CPW

Free PS3, Lg cookie, ult calls &txt only £45 [email protected] CPW

Buy forBuy forBuy for£45
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Looking for a hot phone deal and just found this on Voda

unlimited landline
unlimited txt
stonking 1200 min cross network

plus FREE phone and PS3

all this for just £45.00 a month and get £300 work of bits free (phone ps3 and games)

is that hot or what !!!!!!


24 month contract? This is not a marriage....

Anyone who gets themselves into a 24 month contract these days needs better judgement


oh wait...

24 months, £45 per month

£1080 for the term of the contract, minimum.

"is this hot or what"

its definately not hot, and its not what.. its poo

there not even free internet... that another £5 a month should u wish to have this.

and the phone you get for 2 years is just awful !

I'm looking for similar deal on a cashback or free gift. This ain't the best out there.

Bad i'm afraid. Cookie is about £50. PS3 about £250. £300 combined. Essentially you are paying £700 + for the free mins and txts - £350 a year or £30 a month. Which for the 1200 mins a month to other mobiles is pretty good, but you can do it without being contracted for 2 years. All in all, its cheaper to do it all seperatley - I guess its easier to pay for it this way mind you - just bear in mind you are paying £15 a month for 2 years for the 'freebies'.

all of these deals are ripp offs, if i was you i would avoid CPW, P4U, Dial A Phone...they're all run by sleezy salesmen who are just out to ripp you off.

good reviews, people having so much trouble getting there "cash back"

not to mention the cookie is old and for £45 over 24 months i'd be wanting some sucky sucky

One of the worst deals ever. If you bought this then you are incredibly stupid.


t mobile solo 25 is £25 a month which is a 12 month contract which is … t mobile solo 25 is £25 a month which is a 12 month contract which is £300 and is 1100 minutes unlimited net and texts.ps3 is £200.phone is £50 so thats £550 over 12 months. or £850 with the sim for 24 months.plus quidco for the simquidco for the phonequidco for the ps3your one is £1080. over 24 months.the choice is yours

You like garbage? Where have you been on these threads all this time? Commere *smeerp* kisses on cheek.

BTW when is shirley coming out with her album?

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