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Free £5 Amazon Gift Card voucher for customers with Voxi Drop (21,000 available) @ Voxi

Shared by Osamahsameer
Joined in 2021

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

VOXI’s this month drop is quite good.
Just log in and go to voxi drop section and follow the instructions.
Just claimed mine !
Good luck

Voxi More details at Voxi

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  1. Avatar
    Thanks OP this has just worked
    I don't think you realise, you're the real hero here

    (but also thanks OP) (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I'm unable to log in. Always the same when the drop come round
    this was an issue that lasted all day yesterday... i wanted to post the deal yesterday but since the website was down thought there was no point.
  3. Avatar
    When they say a drop is coming soon, always best to login near midnight if you're awake and can grab them quickly, before they officially announce they've released.
    Are they scheduled for a specific day every week?
  4. Avatar
    Can't even get into my account...think this might be popular....
    Me either
  5. Avatar
    Website broke within minutes of the them putting it on instagram
  6. Avatar
    conveniently always end up with a voxi page that nevee allows me to log in because theyre 'working behind the scenes' everytime its voxi drop time
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    Website is back up for me now and I was able to claim one, thank god!
  9. Avatar
    Thanks just claimed ours as well. Normally miss them unless i see it posted here
    I’d recommend turning on notifications for their twitter account
  10. Avatar
    Thanks OP, got mine.
    Voxi Drop? Lol it sounds painful.
  11. Avatar
    Cheers OP
  12. Avatar
    Grabbed thanks
  13. Avatar
    Claimed thx
  14. Avatar
    Thanks got it
  15. Avatar
    Awesome thanks 🙏
  16. Avatar
    Thanks, didn't even know about voxi drop as only been with them 6 weeks, what a treat!
    Don't get used to drops like this, usually rubbish
  17. Avatar
    Got one. Cheers OP
  18. Avatar
    Any one kind enough to share theirs if unwanted and in return I'll give you unlimited student discount codes
    Same here
  19. Avatar
    If anyone is up for a trade, can offer any vodafone offer, three offer or any student discount
  20. Avatar
    claimed, thanks for posting
  21. Avatar
    Thanks! Claimed mine and the wife's 👌
  22. Avatar
    Thanks, managed to claim it in time
  23. Avatar
    If anyone is interested in a trade for this with a Lloyds Odeon code valid for 3D or iSense on any day (have adjusted this due to suggestion in reply below as was previously just O2 Odeon code), please message me
    49300252-jZD5J.jpg (edited)
    voxi users get 2x vue tickets for £7 so doubt someones gonna swap
  24. Avatar
    Also unable to login, had the same issue all day yesterday (following their tweet announcing the drop )

    Still the same
  25. Avatar
    You have to keep refreshing, eventually you will be able claim
  26. Avatar
    yep got mine, well done
  27. Avatar
    Still down - not worth my time for a fiver!
  28. Avatar
    Funny how there's maintaine when they are giving a fiver out joke's
  29. Avatar
    still down...10.45!
  30. Avatar
  31. Avatar
    Ive been with voxi for years never once had a code for any freebie.
  32. Avatar
    Still down for me as well
  33. Avatar
    funnily enough give out free 5ers its gonna crash lol
  34. Avatar
    Thanks OP got mine
    How? Their site is down cant login haha
  35. Avatar
    website is down
    As per usual.
  36. Avatar
    Dm me if you want to trade your Amazon voucher, thanks 😁
  37. Avatar
    All gone.

    Just takes you to an info page. (edited)
    You managed to login?
  38. Avatar
    14 hours later and the site still does not work!
  39. Avatar
    Just managed to get it
  40. Avatar
    woohoo got it thanks
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