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Posted 29 December 2022

Free £5 promotional code when you play a full track on Amazon Music (Selected Accounts) @ Amazon

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Free £5 after a week when you play a full track on Amazon Music
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    I’m not eligible for it but looks like this is the link you’ll need to check if you are amazon.co.uk/b?n…031
  2. Avatar
    It's obvious you can't....

    You might want to check your facts before trying to be clever with others.

    It states:

    "Eligible Amazon customers who complete a stream on Amazon Music Free between 10.00am on 5 December 2022 and 11.59pm on 29 January 2023 will receive a £5 promotional code to redeem against a future qualified purchase on Amazon.co.uk (the “Offer”)."

    It is NOT a future £5 discount off a minimum spend on Amazon Music as YOU have incorrectly stated.
    It is £5 off a minimum £20 spend on items sold and dispatched by Amazon themselves.

    Get yourself to Specsavers...
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    Amazon Music was allegedly upgraded with Prime, since the change I really dislike it. I can only get playlists on shuffle rather than whole albums.
    you need to upgrade to Unlimited
  4. Avatar
    i did it last month, just to reinforce whats in the OP - you need to make your purchase(sold and supplied by Amazon) within 30 days otherwise the voucher runs out
  5. Avatar
    Never been eligible for anything like this on Amazon! Soooo frustrating!
    feel glad
  6. Avatar
    Got the offer but the only thing I need is £19.99 so I can't use the code or get free delivery
    LYRA STUDIUM H WOOD PENCIL amzn.eu/d/h…GG7 26p pencil. That’s just one idea.
  7. Avatar
    Never eligible
  8. Avatar
    As stated below they ruined this service a couple of months ago with an 'upgrade' that doesn't allow you to select your favourite tracks and just shuffles random similar music.
  9. Avatar
    Not eligible
  10. Avatar
    Seems I'm eligible, even though I did it last month?
  11. Avatar
    Amazon Music can take a running jump since my free "upgrade". Will be ditching Prime when my renewal comes around in the summer.
  12. Avatar
    Is Amazon the only music streaming service that literally pays you to use it?
  13. Avatar
    Good spot
  14. Avatar
    For selected user accounts only
  15. Avatar
    Chose a Taylor Swift song to make me feel like i really earned it!!
  16. Avatar
    Sorry, you are not eligible for the below offer.
  17. Avatar
    not for me
  18. Avatar
    Not eligible
  19. Avatar
    not eligible
  20. Avatar
    Thanks OP 🙏 Eligible again after a few years.
  21. Avatar
    Thanks OP
  22. Avatar
    Tried several songs a few weeks ago and still can't get it to credit.
  23. Avatar
    You must love that

    Sorry, you are not eligible for the below offer.
  24. Avatar
    I'm on a free unlimited trial. I won't be continuing once the trial ends because the catalogue lacks many of the tracks I've wanted to stream and they've decided not to include Reggae in the list of genres you can list songs for. Hot deal if you can get the fiver though.
  25. Avatar
    Got the promotion for the wish list when that was posted, trying to find a product which can be used to redeem the £5 is so much grief I now find these deals a waste of time loll
  26. Avatar
    Once again not eligible 😞
  27. Avatar
    Not eligible
  28. Avatar
    Have 30 days free atm and saw what they did with Amazon Music. So happy I didn't renew Prime just before the price went up.
  29. Avatar
    Just received my £5 Amazon voucher
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