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Posted 28 February 2023

£20 John Lewis / Waitrose Gift Card When You Subscribe To The Spectator - £12 For 12 Weeks @ The Spectator

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Offer available for print and digital subscriptions.


£12 for 12 weeks + a £20 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher, then £26 every 3 months (£2 a week) increasing to £41 every 3 months after your first year.


Our writers have no party line; their allegiance is to clarity of thought, elegance of expression and independence of opinion.

Their views range from left to right, their circumstances from high life to low life. None make any pretence of being impartial: our motto is 'firm but unfair'.

Read at your leisure
The finest writing in the English language. On politics, current affairs, books and arts reviews, and lifestyles.

Every issue in your pocket
Get the entire magazine – and daily analysis from our website – direct to your tablet or phone.

No pop-ups, no paywalls
Read, listen and watch to your heart’s content on spectator.co.uk.

10,000 editions and counting
Only subscribers can access all our past issues (1828-2008) in the extensive digital Spectator archive.

Spectator Events
The discussion continues off the page. You'll be the first to know of exclusive events and virtual events.

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  1. DealJourno's avatar
    They must be so desperate now to fool their backers with boosted subscriber numbers by offering a promo like this.
    ccraiggould's avatar
    I find it a refreshing read, especially Douglas Murray, as opposed to the usual left dominated press. (edited)
  2. ramraideruk's avatar
    As I remember, you can use the John Lewis gift card in Waitrose anyway.
  3. ac10372's avatar
    How long does it take for John Lewis voucher to come through.
    bozo007's avatar
    I have used these offers before and got the voucher in approximately 4 weeks.
  4. freddyfender's avatar
    subscribe to someone who'd give boris johnston a job .....no thanks !
    DealJourno's avatar
    If it helps put them out of print this seems like an excellent deal.
  5. jederer's avatar
    How absorbent is the spectator?
    KangTC's avatar
    It's shiny and non perforated I'm afraid.
  6. ltji's avatar
    How easy is it to cancel?
    FoxFan's avatar
    Easy, all online. I got a free bottle of Champagne at Christmas and bin the copies when they arrive.
  7. Jrodgers92's avatar
    Or there’s another deal which is £8 to not receive the spectator
  8. Jay_Ma's avatar
    Get a £20 John Lewis & Waitrose gift voucher
    when you re-subscribe to The Spectator for just £12
    Re-subscribe today and get the next 12 weeks of the magazine – in print and online – for just £12. We’ll also send you a £20 John Lewis & Waitrose gift voucher to say thank you.

    After your first 12 weeks, your subscription will continue at just £26 every three months (£2 a week) or £13 every three months if you choose digital only (just £1 a week).

    Your subscription will include:
    ✓ Full access to our website and brand new app
    ✓ Exclusive subscriber events
    ✓ Podcasts, emails and Spectator TV
    ✓And of course, the best writing in Britain courtesy of our journalists and columnists.

    Plus a £20 John Lewis & Waitrose gift voucher, free.

    And – if you re-subscribe this month – you’ll also receive six months’ access to the Telegraph*, absolutely free.
  9. Roystrainset's avatar
    Got my Voucher today!
  10. mailboxmessage's avatar
    The Telegraph offered a digital yearly "International Subscription" for €29 a year last year in March. It renews automatically at same price, unless advised otherwise ahead of the renewal.

    Go on your EU VPN, put in your regular UK billing address including County/City, then put a EU country. Worked for me. Maybe lucky.
    Great business, economics and gardening sections, can skip 75% of politics and 100% of culture war.
    Latera's avatar
    Just get pressreader from local library
  11. peassweet's avatar
    Thanks op
  12. Roystrainset's avatar
    Cheers op
  13. Nemesis_TR's avatar
    I never subscribed. I don't think I am eligible rigt? Anyone tried?
  14. t3r4's avatar
    Hmm, but it is the gin good

    Decision time over whether I try for the voucher or the gin
  15. Megamart's avatar
    Thanks OP.

    Re-subscribed with payment through PayPal, then immediately cancelled the automatic payment in case I forget to cancel the sub.

    The Telegraph offer doesn't work with the link they e-mailed:
    49662075-2zWE5.jpg (edited)
    yimyam1's avatar
    Sorry just to check so I understand, you make the payment of £12 to subscribe, you then receive the 20 quid giftcard presumably via email, and then you can cancel the subscription in order to get back the 12 squid and still keep the giftcard?
  16. azzap's avatar
    Is this offer open to previous customers?
  17. H_H's avatar
    When is the £20 gift card sent please? I can't see it in the terms
    Jay_Ma's avatar
    Got it after 2 weeks
's avatar