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Free Pupillary Distance Ruler Worth £4.99
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Free Pupillary Distance Ruler Worth £4.99

Posted 13th Jul 2010
How to get your FREE PD ruler*
To get your Free PD Ruler (worth £5.00) like the one in the picture below, all you need to do is to complete the form at the foot of this page and we will send it to you by Royal Mail completely free of any charge including post and packing.

Why are we giving away PD rulers?
Metsuki believe that your Optician should provide your pupillary distance (PD) measurement on your prescription after you've had your eyes tested so that you have complete freedom to shop for your glasses wherever you want to.. including on the internet. However Opticians are being advised by the General Optical Council and their other professional bodies not to give customers their PD in an effort to force customers to buy their glasses on the High Street and to place an obstacle in the way of people who want to benefit from huge savings to be made by buying their glasses online.

Give Me My PD - A Petition to Change the Law
Help us to change the law by clicking here Give Me My PD and signing our petition if you agree that it is unfair, unethical and anti-competitive for Opticians to withhold your PD measurement. Getting a Free PD ruler is not conditional on signing this petition but we would really appreciate your support. Please use the comments box on the petition to tell us about your experiences with your Optican. We'd like to hear about good experiences as well as bad ones.

Measuring Your PD
Your PD is simply the distance between the centres of your pupils usually measured in millimetres. You can have a friend or partner measure it for you or you can measure it yourself using a mirror. Use the illustration above as a guide.

When measuring your PD for distance glasses focus on an object in the distance. When measuring your PD for reading glasses focus on an object at arms length.

Your PD may be expressed as a single number e.g. 64mm or as a monocular PD, e.g. R32mm/L32mm where the measurement is given separately from the centre line for each eye and added to give your overall PD. The normal range for the PD in the adult population is 54mm – 68mm.

Your PD measurement is required to make your glasses and is used to align the centre of focus of the lenses in your frame with the centres of your pupils. This will provide optimum correction of your eyesight and give best visual comfort. An accurate PD is particularly important for stronger prescriptions.

*Offer Terms and Conditions
One Free PD ruler per household
While Stocks last (we're starting out with 50,000 units)
UK Addresses Only
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Thanks for this.. Whenever I get a copy of my prescription this is the 1 piece of info thats always omitted...
Link not working (as at 13:50 13/07/2010)
at last I actually find out if my eyes are to close together!
You can do the same with any ruler...
And buying online is fine if you have a simple and low prescription, but please don't buy online if not! The result could be pretty bad for your eyes.
Good find ...
Thank you, good freebie.
Thank you, reps added
None of the links work - expired anyone?

Got mine this morning Thank you OP


None of the links work - expired anyone?

Its still active you just have to copy the whole address as the php bit isn't being linked

I still don't understand this PD stuff...does the PD get engraved into the lens or is it to do with the actual frame?
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