Free Quaker Oats Measuring Scoop

Free Quaker Oats Measuring Scoop

Found 8th Dec 2007
Enjoy a perfect serving of porridge every time.Fill in your details on their page and get your free Quaker Oats measuring scoop.
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cheers love my porridge gone for it
why is this voted cold?
Good spot - voted hot
Hoots, Might as well have one!
thanks applied for mine :thumbsup:
thanx just applied for one.
Thanks sweetie!!
fantastic - my kids might actually be able to make an edible bowl of porridge now !
these have always been free but thanks anyway
Thanks for that, just ordered mine. Also just made some flapjacks:)
Cheers - my kids love porridge, and I never manage to make enough for me to have some too - but not any more!

why is this voted cold?

this depends on whether you are daddy bear, mummy bear or baby bear...or Goldilocks.:whistling:
Woo hoo! Now I dont have to get the weighing scales out everytime I want some porridge

Voted hot
rep and heat added. nice find :santa:
cheers thanks, voted hot :thumbsup:
Cheers ordered one. Yummy!
Thanks for this
Ace, I have Quakers Oats every morning for brekkie, this should improve my porridge consistency!
Thanks :thumbsup:
Thanks, voted hot. Ordered mine :santa:
brill, good find save me weighing. LOL
Nice find . I hate thick lumpy porridge this might put a end to it thank you:)
Nice one!
Perfect Xmas pressie for my sister lmfao cheers!
Just ordered - Thanks!
Perfect, I hate weighing it out or guessing how much I need!
Heat added
Thank you - heat added
I ordered one of these some months ago when it was posted previously, it took a while to arrive, but I use it every day, I make my own mix of porridge up with oats, dried cranberries, seedless raisins, chopped walnuts, chopped mixed nuts and a 3 seed mixture, heat it up with a bit of Musquavardo cane sugar and it's fab :-D
u may all have yours but wheres MINE:x
Is this expired, cause can't get the links to work? All I wanted was a nicely measured bowl of porridge
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