Free Question Answered by Text Message
Free Question Answered by Text Message

Free Question Answered by Text Message

Check out this company called AQA, which stands for Any Question Answered. You can text AQA to get advice, information or even text simply for entertainment. They work 24 hours a day to make sure that you get a good answer: well-written and well-researched, all in a single text message, within minutes.

There offering one answer for free (usually £1). Ask absolutely anything!!!!



"Any Question Answered"....lottery numbers?

These services are great. If you register with 82Ask.com (who do the same thing) you get 5 Free questions.

They were talking about this during the recent Ricky Gervais podcast. Although I think they were making up the answers.

"Sorry AQA could not find an answer..."

Not any question I see.

I caught them out with

"which scottish premier league player has scored back to back league hat tricks?"

they told me who scored the first league hat tricks not 2 in a row

Ask a rude question and they won't reply!! :P

Good for a free answer, but at £1 a time, searching online would be my choice Thanks for this though ;-)

Heh heh... "what are you wearing?"

Sounding the death knoll for the pub quiz...

good for pub quizes..
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