Free Quit Kit For Smokers @ Sainsburys

Free Quit Kit For Smokers @ Sainsburys

Found 28th Jan 2011
Double you chances of quiting smoking this January. Pick up a free weeks trial of Nicotine Replacement Therapy patches in various stores.
The Co-op, Superdrug, Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury Pharmacy

Go online to find nearest pharmacy…ree

I saw loads off these in Sainsbury. If I were a smoker I would just pick a few up!


You have to send away for the nicotine patches, leaflet supplied. They will only send one pack per household .

If only I could convince my friends to stop

u can also get one sent to you by filling out a form, saves going to the stockists, if u aint going there anyway

how many times has this been posted on here?

Is this in N.Ireland too?



how many times has this been posted on here?

too right! SPAMMED

Just go and see your GP, everything you need to quit for 12 weeks for a single prescription fee on NRT or 6 prescription fees to go down the Champix route.

I quit using the NHS service last year and the best bit by far is the councilling (backed up by the Champix, ......) which no-one is going to give you in a free pack. If you are actually going to do it, don't go in half arsed with a free stuff pack, get registered, get some quality help and get ready for some major discomfort in the short term (but it is worth it).
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