Free Quit Smoking Now Kit @ Smoke Free NHS

Free Quit Smoking Now Kit @ Smoke Free NHS

Found 17th Apr 2011
comes with charts and stuff to help stop. plus comes with weird tangle thing. cool too fiddle with. might be worth getting it just for tangle toy!!! lol

hope it helps anyone trying to give up


Any sort of help to quit the fags has to be good.



it's really crap ... one per household so if mr&mrs quitting no good
also you have to send off for vouchers as they are not in the box..

cold turkey .. best way packet of wine gums

End up as a wine gumaholic:p

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i have ordered two and revieved both at the same address.

I am on week 6 of no smoking. Didn't have the above kit - but I have used all the patches and inhalator from the chemists - and it has worked.

Better still - I was on a pre-payment certificate for prescriptions before the start of April so never paid for the patches or inhalator. Then after start of April, Prescription Charges scrapped - yes here in Scotland.

Never had to go to GP - all managed by the local chemists.

It's worked - by i do say that the majority of this was Will Power and having to get my mind into the "right place" to do this. Glad i did now.

Do it - it's worth it!

Good luck to quitting smokers but this is NOT free, it's a bunch of pap published by the NHS government babble, paid for by taxes. Some may think a waste of taxes...

Loughray says it all - willpower, and I might say personal motive will make you quit. Not these ridiculous NHS pamphlets

Anything to give up

thanks ill give it a go


Thank You, ordered.

Cheers, ordered.
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