Free Quit Smoking Pack!

Free Quit Smoking Pack!

Found 20th Feb 2008
There are many ways to become a non-smoker, and in general what works for one person may not be the best method for another. There isnt (to date) a method for all, and it is true to say that many smokers dont quit on their first attempt. The successful people who become tobacco free are the people who are committed to their goal and arent put off by what may seem to others as failure. offers everyone a free quit smoking pack. The pack includes information designed to help you become tobaco free in the quickest time possible and without any of the "myths" or "obstacles" that we are told everyday by the media. These often include things like "you will gain weight when you stop smoking" and "youre going to be irritable when you quit smoking" - they just arent true, and the free quit smoking pack will help you dispel these quickly so that you can get on with being the non-smoker you want to be.

You want to quit smoking for good in a painless, quick way, without gaining weight? Then grab your free "becoming a non-smoker" pack now...


very good for my boy friend, thanks, very hot

thanks, voted hot, will pass this freebie onto my sister as I (thank God) don't smoke

Got to be a good think to help those who need it.

My sun has shone on your post.

It's an advert for a company's expensive non-evidence-based seminars/therapy.


This is just an advertising promo using non-independent material.
Better off looking here…_08

Voted hot for me and my Wife


Bought a book by Allen Carr cost me a fiver and I haven't smoked since … Bought a book by Allen Carr cost me a fiver and I haven't smoked since that was last August. No patches gums etc.

Which book was that and where did you get it from...?

My boyfriend and I both gave up last July without anything except each other's support. I think all you need is to really want to do it badly enough. We are healthier, richer, happier but sadly a little heavier. Never mind, one thing at a time!

yeah, i guess most of it is willpower but alittle help is always useful:)
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