Free  rabbit  or  guinea  pig food sample

Free rabbit or guinea pig food sample

Found 28th Feb 2007
"Please select which product in our Excel® range you would like to sample. Once you have done so, please complete your name and address details and press Go and we will post the samples out to you as soon as we can. Please note samples are only available in UK Mainland and can take 28 days to deliver."
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applied for mine, my dad has got about 18 rabbits so this might help feed the rabble

Cheers for the info
No thanks, we have plenty of rabbits to eat already and I don't fancy eating guinea pig.
thanku appriciated:thumbsup:
done mine every bit helps thanks for that~~!!
On the advice of the vet this is exactly what our rabbit eats, so nice find! Voted hot.

we have plenty of rabbits to eat already and I don't fancy eating guinea … we have plenty of rabbits to eat already and I don't fancy eating guinea pig

:-D :-D :-D
Thanks for the pointer
Thanks for this - we have 8 guinea pigs (we had 9 until Sunday :-( ) and this will come in handy as this is what we feed them already.
thanx just applied for some rabbit food
thanx 4 this heat n rep added
Sent off for this, am on a diet and everyone says that on a diet you eat nothing but rabbit food...:giggle:
IS this expired

Site is there no deal available
went back on last night, it has now expired
Thanks for the expired note guys.
didnt miss out much here got my rabbit food the other day and my rabbit looked at me well wierd its like what comes out rabbits not food lol think he thought hed pooped in bowl lol
havent got mine yet, n rabbits do eat their own poo as part as their diet Caecotrophs
Although it might look revolting, your rabbit will actually eat some of its own (what looks like) poo! A rabbits food goes through two stages of digestion. If you look carefully at what comes out of the back end of a rabbit, you will see that there are two different kinds of pellet. One type of pellet is round and relatively dry, this is a poo. The other type known as a caecotroph is actually the result of the first phase of digestion and is full of goodness, so don't try and stop your rabbit doing this it is all part of the process of extracting all the goodness possible from grass.
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