Free Racing UK 2009 Diary
Free Racing UK 2009 Diary

Free Racing UK 2009 Diary

Just make sure the box with free Racing UK diary is ticked


good find h&r added

How do they send it to you? - It doesn't ask for your address details and when I tried to log in afterwards it doesn't load.

same here re: blank page when logging in. tried in firefox too, to no avail.

if you go by the backbutton on yr web browser it says you are logged on.

for those who are interested in the free admission racedays ....
"Racing UK Club Days 2008
As a Racing UK club member every quarter you will receive information containing the details and application process for the free admission racedays in that period.

The remaining 'free admission racing days' for 2008:
Wednesday 5th Huntingdon
Thursday 27th Newbury

Wednesday 3rd Ayr
Friday 5th Sandown
Thursday 11th Ludlow
Sunday 14th Musselburgh
Wednesday 31st Warwick

There is also a Super Club Day being held in November 2008. This day, for a small fee, include a private facility for Racing UK Club members and sometimes lunch, a racecard and a visit from a tipster
Sunday 16th Cheltenham "

Heat Added


Still can't log in, just goes to a blank page, can't see how anyone is managing to enter an address, I guess they must be though for this to have been voted so hot.

think they ask you to subscribe once logged on. the susbcription costs so not sure where this deal is going.

back to the webpage title:
"Subscribe to Racing UK and get FULL access to unlimited Racing from Racing UK TV."

it's a stupid website, inaccessible.

waste of time... cold

just received this diary in the post today. had already heated this up previously so thank you and REP to pinkmelonmr2 for the freebie!
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