FREE RADIO APP - Radyo (Extraordinary Radio Experience)
FREE RADIO APP - Radyo (Extraordinary Radio Experience)

FREE RADIO APP - Radyo (Extraordinary Radio Experience)

This is a free radio app for the iPhone, better than any others i've managed to find for free. It was previously £1.49 (I think) and it's now free!! It's excellent for anyone who misses having a radio on their iPhone that works on 3G and Wi-Fi. ENJOY!


Radyo is a global radio application with an unusual concept and innovative interface (60 countries in 8 languages!)

(As of date, the radio application with the most advanced features on app store!)

The most extraordinary feature of this application is the speed of channel changing. You can change and listen to the radio stations on the same screen.

To have this extraordinary experience give RADYO a try!

FAQ: iphoneradyo.com/faq

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish

[ Features ]
- Battery Management
- Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed Support (OAuth-API)
- Special URL protocol (radyo://)
- Wakeup Timer/Alarm Clock
- Dynamic Bitrate/Transfer Display
- Estimated usable duration according to specified quota
- Global, Country and Station based Messaging platform! Chat with people listening to the same station with you!
- Usage through a single screen
- Sleep timer
- Quota control
- Integrated web browser
- High quality stream support
- Changable interface language and radio region
- Fast access to radio channels with one touch
- Search by name and category
- Add and remove favourite channels
- Dynamic categorizing
- Radio list update (on request)
- Detection of broadcasts with too high volume and automatic channel change
- Change channels by shaking the device
- Auto-Mute ( which lets you temporarily mute the sound by just flipping the device )
- Display of news/photo about the related artist and/or song
- Rejection of connection through GSM and only operating only through wireless network
- Decrease traffic while operating through GSM connection
- Play the most recently listened channel automatically
- Move back and forth between the 100 channels most recently listened (Play history)
- Display of information on radio channels (web site, frequencies, broadcast type, etc.)
- Record of the amount of playtime of the channels all together and alone
- Integrated contact form
- Frequently asked questions / help section


£1.19 not free

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