FREE Red Dead Redemption 100% Guide with this months PSM3 Magazine
I wanted to post this in 'Deals' seeing as you have to buy the magazine to get it, but I have been directed to post here as it's officially a freebie.

"The Complete Guide To Red Dead Redemption" 100% completion guide free with all copies of this months (issue 130) PSM3.

I know its £4.99 for the Mag but surely even that is cheap for other guides.


It is a deal... It cant be a freebie as there is a payment somewhere along the line. No idea who directed you, but it would appear they are a bit silly.

first its a deal, secondly decent guides can be found online, in fact theres an entire wiki dedicatewd to this game,


save yourself a fiver as free detailed guide here:-


IGN is the best for ALL guides TBH.
Any issues and problems are changed in 'real' time so you don't follow incorrect advice that has been added to a paper guide that cannot be changed after print.

Is it the official guide (like a book) or a pull out copy from the mag?

Is it going to be the same or roughly the same for xbox?

Free with what, a £4 or £5 magazine that you wouldn't have bought.....

DEAL not a freebie.
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