Free Redbush Tea

Free Redbush Tea

Found 25th Feb 2008Made hot 25th Feb 2008
To get your free redbush tea, just fill in your details and fil in the survey!

Plus there is a chance to win a teapot


Thank you, I entered the teapot comp and requested the FREEsample. :thumbsup:

Thanks. Redbush tea is great. Ordered a sample.

There Is Nothing Nicer Than A Cup Of Tea - Except A Free Cup Of Tea.
Thank You, Heat Added


my friend recommended redbush tea only yesterday to me
how handy is this lol

Fantastic! I've wanted to try it without having to buy a huge box. A free sample is perfect!! Thanks!

Ordered my sample,cheers airwhu.

thanks, ordered mine and voted hot

many thanks, ordered mine. voted hot:thumbsup:

Ordered mine, thanks. Heat added...

Nice one........ Ordered.

Thanks!! Nice tea

Ahhh you cant beat redbush in the morning...

Cheers Ears!

thank you - look forward to trying this

Yummy - Good old rooibos ... thanks... voted hot !!

This arrived on Saturday morning, just tried it today. Not bad, leaves tend to come out of teabag if you swish it around though!


Ordered mine, thanks! :thumbsup:
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