free Redbush tea

free Redbush tea

Found 10th Jul 2007
I am new here so hope this works!
I got a free sample of this tea a while back and it was lovely


1 order per household of 2 sachets, has been posted before.

Thanks, ordered mine. Voted hot :thumbsup:

love redbush tea, and no caffiene either so much better for you.

mind you, for some people it takes getting used to, so samples are a good idea.

voted hot (just like th tea should be!)

Thanks, voted hot.

This is a very popular tea in South Africa where it is known as "Rooibos" , I've always loved it ... 2 sugars and a touch of milk please :-)

good ol rooibos - good for a clear out!

Rooibos is really a acquired taste

The one time I ordered it I got a regular tea and a lemon flavoured one.…693 the lemon one is underneath the regular one

FWIW - Rooibos (or Rooibusch) is basically Afrikaans for Redbush

I think it tastes like good English breakfast tea with about a quarter spoon of sugar - in avoiding caffeine I started drinking it and now prefer it to regular tea.

My address for a tea bag? To thanks!

Cheers, Got some.

Prefer clippers white tea buts its good for a freebie :


My address for a tea bag? To thanks!

2 tea bags :thumbsup:

I bought a box of this yesterday, made me feel sick! So yes, a sample is a good idea... just put mine up on freecycle.
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