Free Reflectors for Kids Clothing
Free Reflectors for Kids Clothing

Free Reflectors for Kids Clothing

Go to the main page and links to the offer for free reflectors.

Keep your kids safe this winter. Not sure how long this promotion will last so get in quick.


thank you great for the kids :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Thanks a lot ..........

Great find, thanx.

thank you very much

thank you great find

thank you for this Sebas111

Many thanks

Cheers. Life safer it could well be.

Thanks for this very worthwhile post Sebas111

Original Poster

Thanks for kind words.

Heard this on radio on way back to work at lunch.

Thought was a good idea to help keep kidddies safer.

Thanks, could save a life.



Thanks Sebas111, great for this time of year!!

thanks i hate those dark nights

Thanks! Great radio station too!

Cheers, Do worry about the kids now it's getting dark earlier. This will be ideal for them

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Just got mine in the post. Not bad to say i ordered yesterday.

Look pretty decent, bright yellow round stickers, with ASDA WALMART plastered all over them.

Wonder if you could become an affiliate for wearing them??


Has this offer now ended, can't see it on their website.


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Not sure, the website may have updated and you may need to look around a bit for it.

May have possibly ended, i imagine there would have been quite a high demand locally for these.

Hi all:

Direct Link HERE:


Might I point out that you could TYPE a number into the box when I ordered. Now it is a Radio Box, where you may select between 1 and 4!


Thanks Sebas111 and Mattc

Thanks for that Sebas111

Yeah mine arrived too, very pleased

Thanks keep the kids safe :thumbsup:

Got mine this morning!

Thank you.

Thank You!

Heat and rep added...

Mine's arrived already...



Got mine today :thumbsup:

4 arrived yest. Ta!


Still available

I couldn't find these, but I found something cool and funny!


LmAo birdyboyuk.... My bad I didn't check the link.

This one works: ]http//ww…343

Thanks little terror! :thumbsup:

nice find! appriciated ;-)

Great find... ordered mine today !!


Thanks for this handy for when we're walking the dog and it gets dark

Nice one, thanks

Many thanks.

great tho my kids don't go near any main roads to and from school by the time that get half way home it's dark
added safety works for me

Thanks for this. Just ordered.
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